How To Make The Most Of A Small Home

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If you have a small home, it can be challenging to make the most of it, but there’s no reason that you can’t make it into a home you love. A small house can be made to feel more spacious with some clever use of storage, decor, and layout. If you’re struggling to sort out your small house, try some of these tips to make the most of the space that you do have. 

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Be Realistic

If you have a small house, then you need to be realistic about what you can fit in there. No matter how much you love the design, there’s no point buying a huge sofa, a king-size bed, if you’re tight for space in the living room or bedroom. 

Instead, look for smaller pieces that will fit better in the space that do you have, instead of buying as though you own a bigger home than you actually do. 

Add Storage

Clutter only makes a small house feel smaller, so try your best to put things away. You can make this easier by adding more storage. In a small space, you don’t want to add storage that makes the space feel smaller, like shelving bringing the walls in closer. Instead, work with what you have. 

Alcoves are a good place for fit shelving without bringing the walls in. Put storage boxes on wheels under your bed, or look for a bed frame with built-in drawers. Buy an ottoman to add storage for spare bedding or other items. 

If you’re working on using your small bathroom space wisely, then storage will help here. Add hooks to your bathroom door, and build in storage under the sink. Without toiletries cluttering up every surface, things will look much tidier and more spacious. 

Plan Your Layout Wisely

When you’re decorating, think carefully about your layout. It can help to draw out a floorplan on squared paper to help you picture where your furniture will go to let you make the best use of the space. Make sure you’re leaving yourself enough room to walk around easily, without having to avoid the furniture. If you can, try to clearly zone different spaces in the room to make the use of space more efficient. 

Less Is More

If you pack the room with too much stuff, it’s going to feel even smaller. Instead, try to reduce the number of things you have. Choose light-weight furniture, and don’t pack in more than you need. Try to cut back on your clutter too. You don’t have to embrace a full minimalist style, but choosing a cleaner, more stripped back design can help small homes feel more spacious. 

Leave some negative space in each room for the eye to rest, whether you leave a surface clear, or choose something like a glass coffee table for an airier appearance. 

One exception with the less is more rule is rugs. Choose a large rug, which will make the room look more expansive.


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