Give A Stylish Revamp To Your Workout Gear With These Hacks

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Got a date and no time to change your gym wear? Or maybe a brunch with friends that you absolutely forgot about? Well, we have got you! Gym wear does not have to be so boring, especially when there are so many options on the market. Wearing this clothing has a lot of benefits but you already know that. This blog is all about how you incorporate small changes to rock your gym outfit when you are pressed for time.

1. Invest In Quality Pieces
We all have learned our lesson that quality always trumps quantity. Therefore, it is always better that you invest in key pieces that are of really good material. Not only do they hold up nicely but also last you a really long time. Also, that reduces the chances of having a wardrobe malfunction by a lot.

2. Leggings All The Way
If you have got really nice fitting gym leggings, you could easily pair them up with your favorite shirt. Or grab your bralette and pair it with your summer jacket or a quick throw-on. The combos that you could make similarly are uncountable.

3. Play With Colors
Colors really can make everything seem bright. Hence, your regular Athleisure does need to be monochromatic and boring. Amp up your style game by including different clothing pieces across different color palettes.
Play your field and do not be afraid to make friends with some neons too. These bright colors can really jazz up any boring looking outfit in a matter of seconds.

4. Touch Up On The Go
A little makeup on the face can transform anyone. And when you are in a rush, do not underestimate the power of its magic. Keep the essentials in your make up pouch in your bag. And then just touch up on the go. Either you decide to keep it neutral or statement like, it will all work just fine with your athleisure.

5. Flow With The Flowy
Flowy tunics and long tops look great when they are paired with their tight opposites. And therefore, if you feel in a fix, put on your baggiest and flowy upper wear with just any legging and you will look fine.

6. Pick Jackets And Shrugs
Pulling jackets, hoodies, shrugs and other similar clothing options on top of your workout wear looks very cool. All that layering creates a dimension to your look and makes it look more put together and interesting.

There are many options in performance-based wear to select from in the market. If you can learn more about Fabletics, you’ll realize that pairing up your athletic wear with your leisurewear can also bring a sense of ease and comfort that you crave after a busy day. So, if you want to look great and yet comfy, athleisure is the way to go.

7. Let Those Feetsies Talk
Pick up footwear that is not only functional but also complements your activewear style of clothing. Go for cute sneakers, canvas, and flat options like loafers, ballet flats, etc. Or if you really want to jazz it up, then heels and boots are always there to give that sudden uplift to your ensemble.

8. Accessorize Smartly
Wearing a necklace, or a glittering bracelet on your wrist can help you a lot to up your style game effortlessly. One of the greatest benefits of wearing athleisure is that they are very versatile. Experimentation with these outfits is very easy and interesting. So add those danglers or sunnies and be ready to head out the door like a diva.

9. Mane Matters
Keep it stylish with hairdos that could bind the whole look together. You could always use hair accessories like clips, headbands, or a bandana along with your regular workout gear. Or just let your hair loose and let those highlights do the talking. 

10. The BFF Bag
Next to best friends, it is our bags who help us to keep our life together. And when it is the perfect look that we are aiming for, they need to be upgraded too. Pick an uber-cool bag that holds all your gym things securely. It would not look boring and no one will ever know about all that you have inside.

Raid in your wardrobe and try to find the athleisure gear that you would like to pair with. Be your own stylist and wear the unique combinations that you create with confidence. ‘Beautiful you’ begins with you. 


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