3 Big Problems Caused By Poor Ventilation In Your Home

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Ventilation in the home probably isn’t top of your list of concerns, but it’s something that we should all think about. If your home is poorly ventilated, it can lead to all sorts of problems and it could even damage your health, but most people don’t realise this. 

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If you want to make your home a healthier space, good ventilation is so important. In the summer, it’s quite easy to get fresh air flowing through your home because you can just open the windows, but in winter, it’s a little bit harder. However, you still need to make an effort to improve ventilation so you can avoid these big problems. 

Damp And Mould 

Nobody wants damp and mould in their home because it’s harmful to your health and it’s expensive to deal with. There are a lot of things that can cause damp in the home, but it’s often down to poor ventilation, especially in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. If you don’t have any ventilation, condensation will build up and settle on surfaces, eventually soaking into the walls and causing damp and mould. In the bathroom and kitchen, you should use extractor fans to draw out steam and stop the moisture from settling. Condensation is not just an issue in those rooms, though and you need to encourage ventilation throughout the whole house. Installing a good hvac system will help to keep a natural flow of fresh air and prevent condensation. This is especially important during the winter when condensation is at its worst and you can’t just open the windows. 

Peeling Paint

The paint on your walls has a limited lifespan and eventually, it will start cracking and peeling. You can’t avoid this, but if you find that it keeps happening a few years after painting, it might be down to excess moisture in the air. If you don’t have good ventilation in the home, it will cause a lot of damage to your paint and that means a lot of extra work and more maintenance costs. But if you can improve ventilation in your home, your paintwork will last much longer. 

Low Oxygen Levels 

When all of the windows in the home are closed and there is no circulation of fresh air, the oxygen levels can drop quite a lot. Carbon dioxide builds up and there is no fresh oxygen coming into the home, which can lead to headaches and feelings of fatigue after a while. If you constantly feel tired and a bit run down, it could be down to poor ventilation. High levels of pollutants in the air will also make you feel worse. Fumes given off by cooking or cleaning products mix with the carbon dioxide in the air and reduce oxygen levels further. Adding some plants to your home can help with oxygen levels, but you need to improve ventilation too. 

Bad ventilation isn’t something that we tend to think about that much, but it can have a big impact on your home and your health, so you should take steps to improve ventilation.


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