Is Working From Home Making You Sluggish? Ways To Regain Activeness

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The past year was a time when everyone got used to staying and working from home. Quite frankly, with still surges in cases, it is still not being considered safe to go and work in an office space. As a result, many companies are making working from home normal for the long term.

If you are one of those employees who have taken to work from your office for the longest you can imagine, you would know that being holed up inside brings a level of sluggishness. It makes your productivity dip down which negatively impacts your office work. Here are a few ways in which you can maintain your activeness while being at your work-from-home desk all day. 
Time Frame Everything
As there is no longer the discipline of an office at home, there are chances that you may have started to have gone back on time management. And because of that, sometimes you may have been lagging behind on your work and not being able to make time for anything else. To prevent that, having a routine is important.

You may be tempted to stay lazy, especially if you have flexible timings, but it is crucial that you set yourself mini targets and meet them. For instance, if you have to make a presentation ready, then you must have it completed within the designated duration. This way, you will be able to stay motivated and feel energetic to complete the task at hand.

Healthy Eating
This practice is not followed when you are at home and you have full access to the snack cupboard. Statistics reveal that about half of the people who found themselves connecting with their offices from home had difficulty managing their weight. Binge eating, resorting to junk foods and convenient foods have added significantly to that problem.

The key here is to make time for meal prepping at home so that you can always have healthy and nutritious food within reach. Also, you can opt for virtual nutrition counseling if you want a more streamlined diet chart. According to the experts at, this kind of a customized program is tailored to suit your fitness goals and needs. As it is overseen by a professional, it helps you to develop a very high level of nutritional awareness which goes a long way in achieving your goals in a sustainable manner.

Exercise Regimen
Generally, when you are working from home, the long hours behind the computer may have you feeling lethargic. Also, sitting constantly for so long affects many muscles of your body which can later lead to cramps and postural problems as well.

It is understandable when you are trying to chase down deadlines one after the other, you may not have time for elaborate routines. But even light exercises can help. For example, you can set yourself a reminder every hour or so to take a quick walk around the house or just do some jumping to get your blood circulation going. Or, if you are into yoga, you can do small stretches or asanas every few hours to keep yourself fit and energetic throughout the whole day.

The Last Word
If you want to be able to give your 100 percent to your work, staying healthy is super important. Thus, we hope reading this piece of content helps you to regain your activeness at home for office work.


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