10 Things That Will Make Moving Day Go Faster

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Oh the dreadful day of moving. Don’t you just hate it? Packing up ALL your things, trying not to break anything, trying not to forget anything and making sure your family don’t descend into arguing? Yeah, we hate it too. So here is a list of just 10 things, that will make your moving day go a whole lot smoother and be more joyful.

  1. Hire A Professional 

Make sure that you have a professional moving team like Chess Moving to do all the heavy lifting for you. They can even do all the packing if you want them to. They have trained employees, who know how to move things without breaking anything and arrive on time, at your new home.

2. Label your boxes correctly

Make sure that you are labeling all your boxes, on all four sides. Having to rotate a box to see what’s inside it, while holding other boxes is going to be annoying when you’re unpacking.

3. Use colored tape

When you are packing up your thing, always use different colored tape. This allows you to categorize your things and therefore know where each thing belongs.

4. Pack your boxes efficiently

Remember that childhood game, Tetris? Yeah, think like that and you will be sure to use up all the space in each box. Pack efficiently so you don’t have too many boxes.


5. Don’t pack too heavy

You should never overload a box. Imagine it ripping apart and all your things smash onto the ground. Now, a box of books wouldn’t be too detrimental to your wallet, but your expensive china and or electronics are not something you can replace so easily.

6. Take photos of the empty home

Just to be sure that you won’t have any shenanigans played on you by the new homeowner, take photos of all the empty rooms. This way you can show that no damage was left behind and avoid being scammed!

7. Donate things you don’t want

So many people hire a skip they can fill up with things they don’t want to take to their new homes, while moving. But you should try to donate as much as you can, to any charity that will have your stuff. Old clothes, appliances, electronics, decor, etc, will all be welcome.

8. Hire a pet sitter

If you thought moving day was stressful for you and your family, it’s going to be even more for your pets. So, hire a pet sitter who can feed and take care of them, while you’re packing everything up.

9. Pack some snacks

You won’t have time to make breakfast on moving day, at least most people don’t! So just save yourself the hassle and make a snack box for everyone the night before. This way, on moving day, you have breakfast and possibly even lunch sorted so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

10. Tie some rubbish bags to the door handles

While packing you’ll come across many things that need to be thrown in the trash. Instead of making a pile on the floor, just throw these things into bags tied to the door handles of each room.

There we are, 10 things that will have you out of your old home in no time. Hopefully you won’t argue as a family and moving day will become a fond memory instead.


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