How To Choose Bathroom Towels

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A lot of people do not actually realise it but there are a lot of things which need to be considered when shopping for bath towels. After all, when you get out of the bath or the shower you want to wrap up in a snug and soft towel, and therefore you need to find something of a high quality. This article will help you to find the best bathroom towels out there at the moment by revealing certain factors that you should consider when shopping.

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The first thing that you obviously need to consider is the price of the bathroom towels. If you search around on the internet then you will obviously be able to find some great deals and make some fantastic savings. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to go for the cheapest product that you find. Towels are a home product whereby the quality increases as price increases, hence why Egyptian cotton towels tend to be the most expensive – they are considered the most luxurious.

Aside from price you also need to think about the density of the fabric. When shopping there should be information on each towel stating the density in grams per square metre (GSM). The higher the GSM means the heavier and the thicker the towel is going to be. A high density is something which is generally desired from those who are looking for towels for their home bathroom, as well as premium quality towels for businesses, like wholesale bathroom towels from Richard Haworth. Thus if you want quality towels you should certainly look for a high figure regarding GSM. 

In addition to price and fabric density you also need to decide what size bath towel you want to have. In general bath towels tend to be the following size; 27 inches x 52 inches. However, a lot of people prefer a bigger sized towel which is known as a bath sheet. A bath sheet tends to be 35 inches x 60 inches in size. This is something which is completely up to you. Those who prefer a bath sheet do so because they give them more coverage and are generally considered snugger.

Another aspect which is personal choice is the style of the towels. This is something which depends on individual style and taste. When it comes to bathroom towels however most people do not buy patterned towels. These are only advisable if you have a plain bathroom and you wish to add some personality and character to the room. Otherwise it is best to go for a plain block colour. A good idea is to buy two different coloured sets of towels – go for a conservative colour like a black or a white and then mix it up with a mint green or a bright pink (or whatever colour takes your fancy).

If you consider these points then you are assured to give yourself the best possible chance of finding a great quality set of towels. After all, there is nothing better than getting out of the bath and wrapping up in a big, warm and cosy towel. Pure bliss! 


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