Oxford Children’s Christmas Picture Book Review

Sometimes you receive something through the post which actually makes you “ooh” out loud with how lovely it is.  This happened when these beautiful Christmas picture books arrived on my doorstep.  I actually had a bit of a moment when I opened up the package and saw five of the most gorgeous books nestled inside.

I’ve always been a book lover, when I was a little girl every Friday night my mum and dad would buy me a new book as my end of week treat.  My husband always jokes about how quickly I can read a book, and loves that it often means he gets some peace and quiet whilst I’m hooked.  Since becoming a mum I don’t seem to find the time to read anywhere near as much as I would like to.

One of the nice things about going away at half term was giving myself some time to read.  Whilst I now own a Kindle as in many ways it is convenient, nothing beats an actual paper copy of a book, and especially a hard back one.  Don’t you just love a beautiful hard-back book?

Since O started school reading to him has become even more important that it was before.  His school are very keen on getting children reading and he has two reading books a week.  He has amazed me with how well he is doing and I love sitting down and reading a book together.  Obviously we read the reading books he gets sent home but, how do I put this, they’re a bit dull!  Actually that’s an understatement, there a lot dull!  And some of the stories don’t even make sense.  I know that isn’t the point of them and they are helping him learn to read but it is so nice to get a real story book and to sit down together.

We were kindly sent a selection of Christmas picture books from Oxford University Press and I couldn’t wait to sit down with O and to read them.

A Dot in the Snow by Corrinne Averiss illustrated by Fiona Woodcock (£11.99)

This isn’t really a Christmas book, but with it’s snowy setting it’s more winter themed which actually means that it can be read once December is over.  I’m guessing it isn’t just me who doesn’t feel like reading Christmas stories once the big day has been and gone.

Greatest Animal Stories, chosen by Michael Morpurgo (£12.99)

Illustration by Sara Ogilvie

I do love a collection of short stories and this doesn’t disappoint.  Perfect for bedtime reading!

Winnie and Wilbur Meet Santa, by Valerie Thomas illustrated by Korky Paul (£12.99)

The illustrations in this were outstanding and we both enjoyed reading this.  The pop up at the end was lovely and O really like the letter to Santa that folded out.
The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas by Madeleine Cook illustrated by Samara Hardy (£6.99)

This was one of my favourites, I loved the mouse with his health and safety head on cancelling Christmas.  I hope I’m not spoiling the ending but ultimately he comes round to it in the end.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland written by Richard B Smith, illustrated by Tim Hopgood (£12.99)

I think O must have thought I had gone a little bit crazy, but this book is almost impossible to read out loud, you will end up singing it and I just couldn’t help myself.  Reading the lyrics in a sing song voice is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

We’ve really enjoyed cuddling up at bedtime to read these stories and the illustrations are so beautiful they are a treat for the eyes as well as the ears.  I can see us reading these for many years to come when it comes to Christmas time.

Disclosure: We were kindly sent these books for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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