Want Your Home to Serve You Forever? Consider these Projects

People usually buy their first home based on their budget, and not their long term goals in life. Not to mention that as you get older your circumstances, preferences, and lifestyle change, so you will need to make adjustments to your house or move on. If you would like to turn your current house into a forever home, below you will find  a few example projects to try.

Garden Rooms and Conservatories

You will need to think about how you connect your indoor and outdoor, and make the most out of your home in every weather. Building a conservatory, a garden room, or an orangery will not only be great for the summer, but also give you the light you need and crave during the cold and dark months. Not to mention that – if you are a keen gardener – you can keep all your plants and seedlings safe and protected in this space. If you have started a hobby recently, you will certainly benefit from the extra space.


If you want more space or have your older parents or other family members move in, maybe you would like to support your children longer, you will need more space. Extensions can help you achieve your goal and give everyone the privacy and comfort that they deserve, Not to mention that you can increase the value of your home by much more than you will spend. Talk to Contemporary Architects to find out about the different options you can choose from.

Open Plan

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To modernize your home and make it suit your current lifestyle better, you can also try to create an open plan design downstairs. It is not likely that this trend will go out of fashion any time soon, so if you want to create a forever home, you will need to make this change. An open plan will make your home brighter and better ventilated, too.

Separate Study

In case you would like to start your business or do more from home, chances are that you will need to get a separate study. It doesn’t necessarily need to be for only one person; you can share it with the kids and other family members, making sure that people can focus on their jobs or have the privacy they need.

Extra Bathroom

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If your kids have all grown up, and you are looking to make everyone’s life easier, you can add an extra bathroom or an en suite room. You can get the privacy you need, and once the kids have left, you can have guests overnight without having to inconvenience them in the morning or at night. An extra bathroom will certainly make a huge difference in everyone’s life.

If you would like to make sure that your home will meet and serve your current and long term needs, you will need to consider your hobbies, your family dynamics, and your lifestyle to make adequate adjustments and never want to leave your house for something better.

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  1. October 24, 2018 / 8:14 am

    We are planning to buy our own house by next year, and I’m looking for some good tips in buying a house! But, yeah I didn’t think about this, I will tell this to my husband. Thanks for the good tips! We should think for a long term in life!!

  2. October 24, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    I want all of these things, I now just need the time and money to do them! I think the separate study will be first on the list, I can feel a Pinterest ideas board coming on!

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