Top Tips For A Family Room Makeover

If there’s a room that has to be multi-functional, it’s your family room. Unfortunately, that means it tends to be the room in the house that falls victim to both design flaws, and day-to-day mess. Because a family room is, by definition, everyone’s space, it tends to get messy, cluttered, and disorganized easily.

If you don’t want your family room to become an all-purpose storage space, you might try following these design tips. They will help you turn your family room into a beautiful, functional space that welcomes the whole family.

Think About How You Want To Use the Space

Maybe you want space for the kids, but you also want a nice, quiet reading nook? Add some shelving and cozy chairs in one corner of the room. What about space for that great entertainment system? Strategically placed shelving surrounded by comfortable couches and chairs make a cozy family viewing area.

Avoid placing furniture against walls. Instead, you can section areas off with rugs. Choose extra large rugs for the areas that see the most traffic, and smaller rugs for a play area, or library corner.

Choose Your Colors

Your family room is the focal point of your home. Both family and friends are going to spend a lot of time in this room. So choose colors that are versatile and speak to you. Don’t be afraid to get creative! For a kid-friendly space, choose bright colors and prints. For something more subdued and classic, go with warm and welcoming neutral tones, like browns or greys.

Let’s Get Personal

it’s called a “family room” for a reason. Make it about yours. Show off your travels, souvenirs, and trinkets. Make a photo wall full of your family’s best moments. If you’ve got hobbies, personal achievements, art work, and DIY projects, incorporate them into your decor. Your family room should be as unique and creative as your family is.

Choose Your Storage

Since it’s a busy space, you want to make sure your family room stays organized and neat. Install or buy shelves of different sizes, depth and height, depending on functionality. A blanket chest is easy to make from an old chest or trunk. It can help you keep the blankets and throw pillows from getting out of control.

Choose coffee and end tables of different sizes, to create added surface spaces when needed. You can even find ottomans and end tables with storage or shelves built in. In a room that gets so much traffic, it’s even more important that everything have its place.

Think About Layers

Choosing shelves and tables at different heights can help create layers in your family room. Look around to the places your eyes naturally fall around the room. If you’ve got a big screen TV? Hang some pictures around at varying heights. If you have a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, you can use it as a room divider to break up the space, or pair it with shorter shelving, to draw the eye downward. Adding this kind of dynamic design touch helps to give the room a sense of flow, while still keeping it functional and friendly.

Your family room is busy, and maybe a little chaotic. But it can still have style. Because your family room is versatile by nature, your style can be more flexible in this room too. Adding extra storage space is a great way to keep things neat and organized, even when your family is at it’s busiest, and choosing colors and mementos that reflect who you are, is a great way to create a sense of style in your family room, while keeping it a low-key place for everyone to enjoy.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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