Where Do You Find Inspiration for Home Renovations?

Home renovations can be some of the most demanding projects that we’ll ever perform on our home, but they’re also capable of completely changing the perception we have of our home and adding some fundamental changes that can overhaul how we use our homes. As a result, it’s a good idea to get some inspiration before calling up a contractor and asking them for help.

But where exactly do we get inspiration from?

There are actually plenty of different sources where we can get inspiration for a home renovation, and we’re going to list a couple of the best places to find it.

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Social Media

Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, you’ll find plenty of wonderful ideas on social media to help you create home renovation plans. It might be people posting about their own recent renovations, changes to their garden or it could be someone posting new products that they’ve got on offer. Either way, it’s an incredibly useful way to get ideas for your own renovations.

If you’re unsure what certain products are in the pictures you see, don’t be afraid to speak to them and ask through private messages.

Design Blogs

There are also plenty of informative design blogs around the world that you can use to get ideas for a home renovation. Whether it’s bathroom ideas you’re looking for, bedroom plans or even exterior renovations, there are plenty of blogs on the internet that can help you create a beautiful bathroom. We’d recommend that you make sure that the blog is trustworthy before you follow any of the ideas. Design blogs can also be an excellent place to look for new stores to buy furniture from.


Pinterest is one of those huge websites that collect images from all over the web, but thankfully, they’re somewhat categorized and can easily be searched through to find some wonderful inspiration. Pinterest also allows you to collect images by adding them to a personal collection, meaning you can save your favourites and refer back to them or even share the collection with contractors to help them understand what it is you want from a renovation.

Pinterest is an excellent online resource and shouldn’t be underestimated when you’re looking for unique and quirky ideas for your bathroom.

Home Shows

There are plenty of home shows around the country that showcase some of the latest designers and products available. However, these home shows happen fairly infrequently and they’re not exactly well-advertised unless you’re in the interior design industry. They are, however, open to the public and most of them don’t require you to pay anything to get in.

Inside, you’re going to find a lot of wonderful bathroom design ideas, you’re going to get a look at the latest products from well-known designers and, most importantly, you’ll get some wonderful inspiration. Do keep in mind that the majority of the designs you’ll find here are going to be very contemporary and modern, so if you’re looking for traditional inspiration, you won’t find it here.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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  1. March 6, 2021 / 3:54 pm

    Pinterest is an amazing resource for finding interior and exterior design inspiration!

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