Easy Changes To Make To Your Kitchen Without The Need To Remodel

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It is possible to make improvements and get closer to the kitchen of your dreams without the need to completely remodel. Often a complete remodel comes with an expensive price tag so people are always on the lookout for cheaper, smaller projects to make improvements. 

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Most will have an idea of how they want their kitchen to look, with hundreds of images save on Pinterest and window shopping online a common find. If a full remodel is completely out of budget at the moment there are still some changes that you can make without the need to remodel. 

Have a look below at some of the easy changes that you can make: 

Update The Finishing Touches 

A really easy yet effective way of updating any kitchen is to update the hardware such as the cupboard handles. You have a large variety of options when it comes to changing things like this, and it has the power to quickly change the look of your kitchen, often just updating the hardware can make a kitchen appear newer and refreshed. If you have outdated handles currently it’s a really cost-effective way of modernizing. 

Paint The Cupboards

Ok, so painting your cupboards to a good standard could take a bit of time, but it is worth it in the long-run. Not only is it extremely cost-effective it’s also really effective. Adding a couple of coats of paint and some elbow grease has the capability of completely transforming any kitchen. It can even mean that you can go even longer without the need to remodel. Especially if the units are still in good condition and the paint you’ve added gives you the look you want anyway. Make sure you’re using good quality paint that’s designed for use on cupboards. 

Add Some Open Shelves

If you have a lot of wall space that’s not getting used in your kitchen you could consider adding in some open shelving units. It’s a fantastic way to display items such as pretty glassware, your best crockery and maybe even some cookbooks. As crockery can come in all shapes and sizes, this is a great way of adding a bit of personality to your kitchen. Not only does this make for a nice display unit it also doubles as extra storage and frees up some cupboard space. 

Update Your Countertops

There are a few options that you can look at when it comes to your countertops. Depending on your budget the most popular option is to completely replace them. Yes, this sounds a little bit like renovating, however your countertops are only a small part of any renovation so as a task on its own it requires minimal effort. Whether you’re after a wooden, rustic effect or a sleek one changing your countertops can transform the look of your kitchen dramatically. If you haven’t got the budget for replacing the countertops you have the option of looking at covering them. It’s not going to give you the same finished look however it still has the capability of transforming your kitchen. 

These are just a few ways that you can make changes to your kitchen without the need to remodel, do you have any other ways that you could try? Please share them in the comments below. 


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