Go From Red To Green With Your Window Traffic

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We’re all guilty of sneaking a peak when we walk past windows which face onto the pavement. Who doesn’t want a glimpse of how other people live their lives? There’s something thrilling about a peek at what other people are watching on television. You may even be in the habit of collecting ideas for your interiors. With the nights closing in, these peeks become even more satisfying. With the lights on, those rooms are like beacons in the night.

But, what if your windows face onto a pavement like this? Having people staring in can get boring. While you may be able to overlook this in a rarely-used room, it’s a different story if your living room is there for everyone to see. How can you relax when walkers gawp at you every few minutes? Once you know how that feels, you can bet you’ll turn away rather than do the same to houses you walk past.

Exposure like this isn’t pleasant. Before long, you could start to feel like animals in the zoo. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. By addressing this, you can stop that street-facing window from being a problem. Keep reading to find out how.

Blindside passers by

Make sure to replace any curtains on the offending window with blinds. While even closed curtains can lead to exposure, blinds offer fantastic privacy. If you opt for panelled designs, you can even use these to obscure the view during the day. All you’d need to do is leave those blinds down and open the slats to let sunlight in. The moment night falls, you can close the blinds altogether, and ensure passers-by don’t see so much as a slither of light.

Use your windowsill

Sometimes, even blinds aren’t enough to stop people looking in. That’s why you should also focus on making use of your windowsill. By making this a focal point, you can be sure people’s attention will focus here. They won’t see you or watch the way you live your life. Instead, they’ll be distracted by those fantastic window ornaments. Why not use this as an excuse to show off? Go all out with your accessories and really give people a reason to stare. Or, if you fancy something more subtle, stick with a vase of flowers in the window. The colours are sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Consider how you arrange your room

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It’s also worth considering how you arrange your room. If you focus your furniture towards the corner with the window, for instance, it’s no wonder you feel so exposed. Consider, then, moving your television to the opposite wall. Direct your chairs towards that instead. Counterbalance the increased darkness this causes by considering your living room lighting. By investing in floor lamps and spotlights, you can recreate the lightness you had from the window. Then, you can relax with your backs to the window, knowing that people won’t be able to see much even if they do take a look.

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