Staying Positive With A Rocky Relationship

Meeting someone and falling in love is one of life’s pleasures. There is just something about loving someone and having them love you back. You can go all in, no thought or question. You can fall hard. Sometimes it works out, you get married and have a family. Sometimes a relationship breaks down. This can happen soon after you get together or years down the line. When you feel like you have been through so much and yet somehow don’t manage to last it out. It can be heartbreaking and devastating. Which is why throughout the tough times you need to remain positive.

Sure you may have already enlisted the help of family law experts, and perhaps you are coming to terms with how life is going to be. But I also understand that negativity can take a hold on you. It can feel difficult to become positive once more. So I thought I would share with you some tips on how you can stay positive throughout the relationship breakdown.

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Don’t let negativity become a habit

Like anything, negativity can become a habit. You don’t mean for it to happen. But the more you feel unhappy about something; the more negativity can take a hold. If you are going to develop any habit throughout this process, it is the one to turn your negative thoughts into something positive. AGain like any habit it will take time. But you will consciously change the way you think over time. A negative mindset can make you feel like there is no way out. Yes, your relationship may have broken down but you are still there, and you are an amazing person. Remember that.

Think of other people involved

It is difficult to think about others during this time. You feel like it is only happening to you. But unfortunately, a relationship isn’t just two people. There is family to consider and children if you have any. Which is why you need to consider other feelings as well as your own. You may find that those people are the ones that get you through a tough time.

Be grateful for what is going well

Your relationship and marriage isn’t the only thing that is happening in your life. Try and focus on what is going well. You may have done well in your job and heading for a promotion or pay rise. Perhaps your children are doing amazingly at school, and that is a credit to you. Maybe your home is looking lovely, or your friends are supportive. Focus on the good things and be thankful for it. Even if it gets to the end of the day and you are only thankful for a hot cup of tea. It is a start. Build on things from there.

Be confident in your ability to move forward

Finally, don’t be afraid to show some confidence. It is a tough time, but you will get through, being a stronger person than you were when you began. Own that!

I hope these tips to stay positive help you through a difficult time.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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