Mommy Wellness Hacks You Must Try This Christmas

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Christmas is a busy time for everyone, even more for moms. You will have the extra workload with all the decor and baking to do even before the festivities begin. The shopping lists seem to be endless, and kids trouble you with their unending demands and expectations. Party planning brings extra workload during the festive season. Things can get even more daunting if you are a working mommy because you have to fit projects into your tight schedules. 

Self-care often takes a backseat when you have so much to do, so you can expect your health to take a hit. The last thing you want to encounter during the holidays is a health issue or panic attack. Luckily, you can make some conscious efforts to keep them at bay. Even better, you can embrace some wellness hacks to stay at your healthiest best. Here are some expert-recommended ones you must try this season.

Embrace the moment 

The holidays are not about the workload, but they are more about spending quality time with your loved ones. Most moms often perceive the negative side of the season and end up being stressed. Think beyond your struggles and embrace the best that the season has to offer. This Christmas, try living in the present and loving what you do. You can delegate the tasks and ask for help without playing the supermom game. Also, try disconnecting from your screens and social media. Use your energy to connect with the people who really matter. The mindset gives you a fresh start with your wellness initiative. 

Give your digestive system a break 

It is easy to get your digestive system to overwork during Christmas celebrations. Moms end up eating more between the tasting sessions as they bake the delicacies. Stress eating is common, and it is hard to keep your hands off the desserts at the party. Alcohol can burden your digestion even more. Things are even worse when you eat too late or miss out on means while shopping and doing chores. It makes sense to give your digestive season a break so that it can regenerate cells and take rest. Fasting for 12 hours is a good start, while you can opt for a weekly detox practice too.   

Consume consciously

Conscious consumption is another wellness hack you must try this season. As a mom, you may often throw food inside when there is a long list of tasks to cover. But it can disrupt your digestion and make you eat more than you need. Consuming consciously is about taking time to see and smell food, so you feel satiated with smaller portions. Likewise, you chew properly, and it keeps acidity at bay. Moreover, you get nutrients from your food and skip empty calories when you relish the healthiest food. Conscious consumption lets you make better food choices, such as ditching the sugar and choosing fresh fruits instead. 

Try CBD for mental well-being

Mommy wellness goes beyond food choices and digestive health. Make sure you prioritize mental well-being this Christmas. If you want a hack that gets you instant results, CBD can just do the trick. It relieves stress, anxiety, and insomnia, and you get an instant energy kick. The best part is that CBD is natural, safe, and legal, and you can use it without worries about side effects and rules. You can even pick a CBDistillery coupon to buy your supplies on a budget. Choose a product that works for you, stick with an apt dosage, and opt for the best timing. Just make sure you are discreet with your sessions. Also, be extra careful with storage as these products should be out of reach for your kids. 

Go the extra mile with hydration

This Christmas, try going the extra mile with hydration because it helps your body and skin. You tend to drink less water in winter, although you need the regular supply to stay on top of hydration levels. Festive cocktails and binge drinking can cause dehydration, and even excess tea and coffee can hurt. Your digestive health can take a blow, while your skin also appears dry. Start your day with a glass of water and drink consciously throughout the day. Herbal teas are also great for winters as they keep you hydrated and offer weight loss benefits. Ditch all other drinks and stick with them this season. 

Step outside and get moving 

Your mommy wellness checklist should also include exercise, though staying regular is easier said than done. The best you can do is schedule an outdoor fitness routine this season. It serves dual benefits- you get fresh air and sunlight and work out to burn calories. Not to mention, you feel the stress melting when you greet neighbors and have a good time with kids in the park. Going outdoors may sound like a challenge when temperatures drop, but you will be warmed up sooner than you know. Wear enough layers, and you can beat the chill right away. 

Prioritize sleep

Sleep often gets elusive during the holidays as you shuttle between shopping trips, pending tasks, and late-night parties. Your mommy duties make you miss out on the afternoon naps as well. This season, try prioritizing sleep, and you will feel the difference. Skip late nights and plan outings in the afternoons and evenings. Adapt your routine with the sleep-wake cycle of your kids to get enough to survive the festive stress. Good sleep keeps you happy and stress-free. It also ensures that your digestive health stays on track. A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep and regular cycles is essential to feel good.

As a bonus tip, mommies should make an extra effort for their skincare and beauty routine. After all, you will want to look radiant and beautiful during the festive parties. Pamper your skin every night and never sleep with your makeup on. Embrace these simple self-care practices and do the best for yourself. A happy mommy will have all the energy to get things done for the kids and family. 


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