Generation Graco: What to expect in 2018

For the past six months we have been delighted and so proud to be members of Generation Graco and to represent the Graco brand.  We have wonderful memories of our weekend at Legoland Windsor where we had the opportunity to meet with the Graco team and other Generation Graco bloggers.  O had been wanting to go to Legoland for quite a while and he is busy planning our next trip.

Our main focus as part of Generation Graco has been trying out their latest products and they have become integrated into our everyday life.  The Milestone car seat is fantastic for our almost 18 month old G and the huge bonus feature for me is how easy it is to adjust the strap height.  No more wasted hours trying to rethread the straps to the correct height.

And the the featherweight stroller is now used by us 80% of the time, even my mum can’t sing it’s praises enough and couldn’t wait to show my dad how easy it is to put up and down.

But what has Generation Graco got in store for 2018?

The one product I have my eye on and really wish had been around in 2017 is the new Turn2Reach car seat which is suitable from birth to 18kg and allows quick and easy access thanks to its 360° rotation. It can lie flat, rear-face and forward face, uses Isofix connectors for a secure installation and includes a visible indicator that turns green to show that the child is securely strapped in.  What an amazing car seat?  I love the idea of the rotation making it really easy to get your child in the car.

And if you’re on the look out for a double buggy the Graco Stadium Duo double pushchair is getting an upgrade for 2018 and will feature Graco’s innovative Click Connect technology so that it can be easily converted into a travel system. It also features a one hand standing fold, swivel locking front wheels, an extra-large basket which is something I always look for, and stadium seating for both children to have a view of the world.

The Graco Milestone car seat is being refreshed for 2018, with the introduction of the Milestone LX featuring Safety Surround Side Impact Protection with advanced head protection at every stage as well as some new fabrics, and there’s a new lightweight stroller to look out for too.

We have loved every minute of being part of Generation Graco and have really enjoyed putting their products to the test, as well as seeing the reactions of our friends and family to what we’be been trying out.  They seem as impressed with them as we are.  Good luck to the New Years Generations Graco bloggers, I’m sure whoever is chosen next will love it as much as we have.

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Graco.


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  1. Kristi
    November 27, 2017 / 11:22 am

    Wow! Sincerely speaking, I immediately fell head over heels for this new car seat the moment I came across it when reading this post. This is something that I must have and I believe most other parents should consider having as well. The Turn2Reach car seat will really makes everything so simple. How much do you think they will cost?

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