Is it just me or are the weeks going way too quickly?  I can’t believe we are almost in October, and I can’t believe I’ve still not had to dig my black tights out yet.  Whilst I’m enjoying the warmer weather I’m ready for Autumn now. Read The one blog post I needed to read this week was this one from Kate at Pouting From Heels, Wanna Ditch Your Blog?  It’s something that has been really playing on my mind recently and I have been giving some serious thought about jacking it all in.  After reading the post I realised… View Post

When I had O in 2011 I gained an awful lot of weight.  After he was born I had gone from a size 10 to a size 14.  At my nephews christening a month later a couple of people didn’t even recognise me I had put so much weight on.  I had stood there wondering why they weren’t saying hello and then there was a flicker of recognition on their faces as they realised it was me. When I discovered I was pregnant for the second time I was over the moon but determined to be healthier throughout the pregnancy.… View Post

I’ve always been a fan of denim (who isn’t?) but recently it seems to have developed into something more.  Every time I go into a shop I’m drawn to the denim section.  I’m steering clear of jeans at the moment, my mum tum is not quite ready for those yet, and skirts can be a bit hit and miss as to how well they fit, but denim dresses, I just can’t get enough!  Maybe it’s because I’m on maternity leave and without having to look formal for work I’m embracing a more casual style. Despite already having three denim dresses… View Post

I’ve loved reading these posts by Julia at Rainbeaubelle and other bloggers for the past couple of months so I made a little promise to myself that I would try to join in.  I have to admit I completely forgot about it until I saw a couple of posts pop up and when I thought about it I did have a few things that I could include in a post so here goes. I’m not too sure if this first one is cheating as technically it isn’t under £5, but a fiver exactly!  O spotted them in Marks and Spencers… View Post