The Best Way To Realise Your Dreams

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When you’re in school or even after you leave school, it can be a difficult task wondering where you next move will take you. We are expected to make such huge decisions at such tender times of our life, university begins in our teenage years but what if you’re in your thirties and still feel as if you haven’t quite reached your potential? According to online statistics, girls often have more difficulty choosing a career over men. At a High School for Girls you may be guided towards careers that are predominantly for females but you may have decided long ago that you wanted to create something a little different in your career. So how exactly do you go about finding the right career when you’re that little bit older? 

Get Active And Get About! 

The more you attend job events and fairs, the more you are going to be able to see what’s out there and available for you. A lot of time, smaller communities will allow for you to explore the area’s potential and will be often crying out for like minded individuals who can bring something fresh to their company. The more you talk to people, the more you can discover about yourself. This is so important if you’re stuck at the beginning. Be sure to speak to other people in similar situations and start to appreciate and realise what your hobbies are, what you enjoy doing, perhaps you have only just realised that you truly enjoy talking to people; then you may want to look at more social jobs. The more you get out there and seeing what there is to offer, the more chances there are of finding the dream.

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What Are You Good At?

This sounds like a simple one but working out what you’re good at, what you’re really good at could help determine where your shift in careers may lie. Are you crafty? Are you good at music? Do you have a special skill which may be classed as niche, such as fixing a certain appliance or a talent for dress making. Once you can assess where your skills are, you can look at finding a dream job. Often we put our hobbies to the side and class them as just that…. hobbies, but if you analyse a little further, you could start turning that hobby into a cash flow. 

Write A Journal

If you journal every day and start to note down what is going wrong and what is going right, along with your moods, you can start to put a picture together of what could possibly not be working in your life. If your job is making you consistently unhappy then that could be call for a change. Look back over your journals, do they speak of some passion you had years ago, or a specific activity that you particularly enjoyed; all of what we can become and our own destinies lie right within us, but sometimes it takes a little extra to bring them to the surface.


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