Why You Need a Proper Drainage System

Water can cause chaos to even the strongest of structures, both inside and outside. Without a proper drainage system you might notice standing or ponding water on your property. This can often happen after heavy rainfall, when the ground is flat and the soil is saturated.  This is bad news for gardeners and landscape designers, who might end up with damaged equipment. Ponding water also leads to rodents and bugs and will damage plants and shrubbery. 

All homes are built on a foundation, whether it is concrete or helical piles. If soil becomes too moist (or too dry) it can expand (or shrink) and cause the foundations of your home to move. This will lead to cracks in your walls. There are many things you can do to protect the foundations of your home, including installing a drainage system. Slump units are great and ideal for installation at the end of driveways and around your patio.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for adequate drainage on your property. It can be far more costly to repair damage caused by excess water than it is to install drainage. If you already have a decent drainage system, it’s worth checking it every now and again and removing any dirt and debris that might have built up, such as leaves. This will stop it from becoming blocked and therefore ensure it works properly year round.

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