The Most Stressful Parts Of Moving House, Ranked

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Thinking about buying a new home in the near future? We hope you’re ready – moving is mayhem! And while you’re likely excited about all the new possibilities your home will bring, you’re not all that happy about needing to move. But what parts of the moving process are the worst stress inducers? Let’s go through the top four down below. 

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Unexpected Expenses

This is definitely number 1 on the list! If you’re buying a home, an unexpected expense that crops up from a survey, or if the seller wants you to whack £5000+ on to ensure you don’t lose the home to another buyer, can make you crumble under the stress of the situation. Your budget is already stretched thin, and the money you wanted to use to renovate is now tied up in a contract. 

In a scenario like this, if you’ve not signed anything yet, it might be best to let the place go and wait for something better to come along. We know that might make it worse right now, but it could save your financial health in the long run. 

How Long You Have to Wait

Sometimes it takes months to get a seller to agree to sign ownership over to you. You’ve been pre-approved for a loan, you’re willing to pay what they want, and you’re clearly eager to move in. 

However, the other side is dragging their feet waiting for someone with a bit more money to come along and sweep the property up – it happens a lot! So you’re left in this weird limbo of having a house but not quite yet and it could be torn away at a moment’s notice. That can pile the stress on and that makes this the second worst part of the process! 

Packing Up

Packing up a house is 3rd on the list, and for good reason. It’s not as stressful as the two above, seeing as you only pack when you know for sure you’ve got somewhere to go, but it’s still a real ache to have to sort all your possessions into easily transported boxes! 

On the positive side it can be a really good opportunity for a House Cleanout to get rid of any unwanted or unused items (just don’t forget to hire a good junk removal company to take it all away at the end, especially if you’re getting rid of a large amount of things).

Hiring Someone to Transport Furniture

When you want to move home, it can be hard to find a good removal company. No matter if you’re moving rented accommodation or you’re settling into a new mortgaged place, you’re going to struggle! And for a lot of people, that’s the cherry on top of the stress that’s come from the points above already. 

So this is number 4. When you’ve got a bed, sofas, dining table and chairs, and then a wide screen TV to transport 100+ miles, you’re going to panic about doing it properly! Try to get your research into reliable companies started as soon as you know you want to move; this’ll give you time to collect some quotes and go for the most affordably trustworthy option. 

If you want to move home, be prepared for stress! If you can, make an action plan. 


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