Diesel Generators, The Ultimate Power Backup For Every Utility

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The struggle with energy supplies and their needs is a constantly nagging issue with every segment of life. Be it home utilities or industrial applications, nothing can survive for long in the absence of electricity.

Regardless of this constant need, accidents and natural calamities can still abruptly bring the supplies to a halt. And, having a backup supply, just for situations like this, can be a life-saver.

However, not all backups work the same way. Some are more efficient than others, and some render useless under certain circumstances. For instance, a solar panel may not be a great help during rainy seasons when there’s insufficient sunlight. Similarly, there are natural gas generators, but they may also render useless if the location has no regular supply of petroleum.

Nevertheless, there’s one utility backup which surpasses all the hurdles and proves too handy in almost every situation- diesel generators. Read on to learn why diesel gen-sets are the ultimate power backup solution.

Diesel Generators are Rugged

Unlike their counterparts, diesel generators can be operated in extreme conditions. For instance, solar panels are useless in the absence of sun, batteries are useless if they are not charged using grid supplies, and likewise, there are several other examples. However, diesel generators can be easily operated be there no sun or rain, or grid power or not. And since, diesel is usually available very easily, supplying the gen-set is not a fuss at-all. As long as the generator receives the fuel it can be operated and continue to supply electricity.

Comes in Variety of Power Output Options

One of the major concerns about utility backup options is, most of them come in fixed packs of power. In other words, if there is a need for, say 210 kVA, then the user may either have to go for a single unit of solar panel or a battery pack, which is very unlikely to be available. Or otherwise, they may have to pair several units together to meet the energy needs. However, this is not the case with diesel generators. If you scroll this link, https://www.ablesales.com.au/diesel-generators-perth-melbourne-brisbane/diesel-generator/, you can find a variety of generators available in different power options. But, do not assume that they need to operate at their maximum load for optimum efficiency. Modern generators can optimize fuel consumption and also power production, according to the requirement. It means a single unit can supply higher as well as lower loads. Moreover, these units also offer single, double, and three-phase output options, which are pretty useful for operating a plethora of equipment and appliances.

Costs Cheaper as Compared to Other Fuels

Although natural gas costs less than diesel, it also has a lower energy density. In common language, burning the same quantity of both the fuels would yield higher energy for diesel. It means, even though the cost of purchasing natural gas is lower, the energy value of diesel is much more than that of the gas, which makes it more cost-effective. Moreover, the maintenance cost of gasoline and natural gas generators is much higher than the diesel ones. Mostly because there are more complex components in gasoline and natural gas-powered generators. Of course, more complexity brings higher maintenance needs with it, which also means higher cost of repairs and replacement. Another, possible reason for its cost-effectiveness is the easy availability of the fuel across most difficult terrains as well. For instance, natural gas needs to be supplied through pipelines, which are not easy to put down in rugged terrains. Whereas, diesel can be easily transported in barrels and containers. Which also make it easy to store.

Do Not Require any Additional Support

Lastly, every other utility backup needs additional support equipment to make them viable for supply. For instance, solar panels need to be paired with inverters and lots of complex electrical circuits. Likewise, batteries also need a support circuit which is often placed as a separate unit. In most likelihood, whatever backup option you consider other than a generator, you may need to invest in additional support equipment as well. However, the diesel gen-sets come as a complete unit. All that’s needed is connecting it with the appliance or equipment that needs to be powered. Just clean power, no additional fuss on pairing any other support systems.

Undoubtedly, diesel generators make the best investment when it comes to utility backups. They are rugged, cost-effective, and most importantly, they are easy to install, be it for a home utility or industrial applications.


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