You’ve Cleaned The House, So Why Doesn’t It Look Clean?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

It’s happened to all of us – we’ve done a big clean out of all the rooms in our houses, and we’ve scrubbed until we could scrub no more, and yet, the place still looks just a bit too dirty! It’s extremely frustrating, and can make us feel like we’re living in a complete filth hole.

But most of the time, it’s nothing to do with the way we clean or how frequently we do so. Sometimes it’s the age of the house we live in, and sometimes it’s the colours of the walls and the floors surrounding us. And if you’re someone who keeps finding hard to budge marks all over the place, that have no discernible origin, it’s time to make some changes that’ll really brighten your home up! So here’s a bit of inspiration for you. 

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Maybe the Walls Need a Lick of Paint?

The walls around you might just need a new lick of paint, especially if those marks keep on appearing, seemingly bleeding through. It might be the old layer of paint – if you didn’t sand it off, or cover it in something neutral, there’s a chance the darker shade is now ruining the light and bright pebble brown you loved at first sight!

Maybe You Need a Rug?

If you’re walking on carpets with worked in stains, and you’re scraping furniture across tiled floors with all kinds of bumps and grooves in them, your home is going to look a little worse for wear. And no amount of cleaning is going to rub away a 10 year old stain that seems to be part of the foundation itself!

A rug will work a treat for making sure your floor no longer looks an eyesore. If you can’t afford to get the carpet or the hardwood ripped up, an extra large area rug is definitely a more budget-friendly option! And hey, it’ll make the room feel a lot cosier at the same time. 

Maybe Some Things Need Straightening Up?

If your living room is covered in clutter, or you’ve got a hallway that’s also used as a storage landing ground, it’s time to whip around and straighten a few things up. If you can’t get rid of the items, either by throwing them out or finding them a new home, it’s time to stack them neatly and out of the way. 

Make sure those boxes in the corner by the door are ordered according to size. Straighten the hanging mirror opposite the stairs, so it doesn’t feel like you’re in a circus funhouse – a mirror or a painting that are even a centimetre off mark can ruin the space! And close those crossword books laid out over the coffee table! A quick 2 minute spruce will really improve your perception of your surroundings. 

The house you live in is clean, it just needs a few adjustments here and there. Look around you – what seems to be the problem in the ‘dirty’ room? 


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