Achieving Perfect Tummy Shape Through Tummy Tuck

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Have you ever looked into the mirror and wished you really had a better tummy shape after all the years of gyming? Perhaps your old pictures remind you of your flat and toned pre-pregnancy abdominal shape that now seems like a thing of the past due to stretched muscles.

Undoubtedly, the right tummy shape improves our overall beauty and attractiveness as it allows every part of our body to be in perfect sync. On the other hand, lose skin, excessive fat, and distended muscle in the tummy can lead to poor body posture, less appealing looks, and decreased self-esteem and confidence.

Both men and women are prone to tummy shape changes, and the factors that cause them abound. Some of these factors are genetics, postpartum, abdominal wall hernia, dramatic weight loss, etc.

Often, people resort to dieting and exercising to help restore their charming abdominal shape, only to discover that there are limits to what they can achieve with them. Even after practicing tailored exercises for tummy shape improvement for a long time, many people still don’t achieve their desired abdominal contour, hence the need for a highly effective stomach toning procedure like Tummy tuck.

About The Magical Process Called Tummy Tuck 

Tummy Tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to give men and women a refined abdominal contour. It’s often adopted when other techniques like dieting and exercise haven’t been effective in giving the tummy more appealing aesthetics.

Also referred to as abdominoplasty, Tummy Tuck gets rid of excess skin and stubborn belly fat as it restores your natural, sleek appearance. Whether you’re male or female, Tummy Tuck by Dr. Christian Arroyo will help you achieve your aesthetic goals, making you look into the mirror feeling happy and whole once again.

While the technique is popularly known for its immense cosmetic benefits, individuals who had Tummy Tuck surgery have also reported deriving health benefits. Some of these include:

1. Reduction of Stress Urinary Incontinence

Women who have given virginal birth may become affected by stress urinary incontinence. The condition causes uncontrollable bladder leakage, particularly when coughing, sneezing, or laughing. An uncontrollable bladder can be a significant challenge, especially in public gatherings or workplaces.

Tummy Tuck can help reduce the condition by creating a bladder obstruction using the soft tissue close to the pelvic area.

2. Hernia correction

Stomach organs such as the intestine are kept in place by the abdominal wall muscles. In some rare instances, the muscles may become weak, or there may exist an opening, causing the intestine or abdominal tissue to protrude through it. When this occurs, the victim often feels pain and huge discomforts.

Since Tummy Tuck helps strengthen stomach muscles and eliminate excess skin, it’s usually recommended for hernia patients. The following result is a firmer abdominal wall muscle that adequately keeps the organs in place and corrects hernia.

3. Easier and Weight Loss management

As obesity gradually becomes a global issue, more and more people have been concerned with shedding off fat and managing weight. While many people achieve weight loss through exercise, some find maintaining it daunting. Their sagging tummy makes exercising uncomfortable, which can be a huge turn off for many.

With Tummy Tuck, exercising and other physical activities become easier and more enjoyable. As a result, you’re likely to maintain regular exercise, which helps to avoid any excess weight gain.

Conclusively, thousands of people have redefined their abdominal shape and reclaimed their strikingly appealing look through Tummy Tuck. With the right cosmetic surgeon handling your surgical procedure, you can expect nothing short of an hourglass figure and a flat belly. 


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