Saving Money On The Weekends While Still Having Fun As A Family

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Everyone looks forward to the weekend, and with good reason. It’s the chance for you to spend quality time as a family, relax and create wonderful memories together.

But let’s face it. Weekends aren’t cheap. There’s a balance between keeping everyone entertained and wanting to make the most of your time together while trying not to overspend. In a time of rising living costs, you’ll most likely be looking at ways to cut your spending. Does that need to include your weekends? It doesn’t have to be!

Here are some useful tips for saving money on the weekends while still having fun as a family.

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Make the most of free activities

Weekends don’t have to be spent going to various attractions, spending money at the cinema or going shopping. Your local community will be home to a wide range of free activities that can be fun to experience as a family. Some fun ‘no spend weekend’ ideas include visiting your nearest national park, going to the beach and visiting museums. There are also local events you can get involved in that will provide plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

Take packed lunches and enjoy picnics

Eating out can be a big cost when you’re out, so why not be more prepared and take some packed lunches or picnics for your weekend adventures? There are so many great picnic recipe ideas that are easy to make, helping to keep your bellies full no matter what you get up to.

Swap your takeaway for a fakeaway

A Saturday night takeaway is a ritual for many families. But how much does it cost you each month? Instead of reaching for the nearest delivery menu, why not attempt to make your own instead? You can have fun making your own pizzas, burgers, curries and more, and perhaps make them a little healthier too. Cooking together as a family is a wonderful way to get healthy together  Takeaway can be a bit of a habit, but after going a few weeks without, perhaps you’ll find you don’t really miss it after all!

Cut your travel costs

Travel can be another significant cost, especially if you use your car a lot on the weekend. You could look at swapping cars to something more affordable or switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle. Edmunds can help you find a suitable vehicle. You could also look at using your car less and taking advantage of active travel to help you save a little more on the weekend.

Find more ways to be active 

Spending time outdoors can be a great way of spending time together as a family, and it can help you be more active too. There’s something great about walking or cycling together and just getting some fresh air. You’ll all be nice and tired after a day out together, ready to enjoy a film on the sofa at home!

As you can see, weekends don’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of ways you can save money to help cut your costs so that you can grow your savings or put more money towards your bills. Get creative with how you spend your weekends and see if you can enjoy some savings. 


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