Magical Memories: Making Childhood Special For Kids

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Childhood is such an important time; we know from studying psychology that the early years of a person’s life can really make or break them. Right from birth the subconscious is developing, and it’s this part of the brain which later speaks to the conscious mind and impacts our adult behaviour. While certain personality elements are genetic, much of the way we think and interact with the world is determined by the early experiences we have. It doesn’t mean your children have to have the ‘perfect’ childhood but it does mean that it’s important, and as a parent, chances are you want to enjoy this fleeting time as much as possible yourself. Making sure your kids have a special, gentle and memorable childhood is probably high on your agenda, and there are lots of ways you can do this. Here are just a few ideas!

Make an occasion out of everything you can

Having special activities and fun things planned to mark occasions throughout the years will create memories that stick in your children’s minds. From the big holidays like Easter, Christmas, Halloween and birthdays to smaller days like Valentines Day and Mother’s Day, you could have fun traditions and activities you do. From baking to themed movie days, to special family dinners to themed crafts. It doesn’t need to be expensive or commercialised, you can make these little celebrations anything you want them to be. You could even celebrate things like the changing seasons. At the start of autumn for example, go on a nature trail together and collect items like leaves, feathers and pinecones. When you get home you could use these things to make crafts or art and use it as a learning opportunity. All of these little events and mini celebrations will make for such special memories when your child looks back. 

Try out lots of different activities

Finding out what your child likes to do and inspiring a passion in them can be a process, so during childhood it’s important to do lots of different activities. Experiment with sports like cricket, swimming and football. If they show talent and a love for certain sports, you could look into camps that give more intense training, this junior golf camp for example would be ideal for those showing promise of becoming the next Tiger Woods! Then there are creative activities for them to try, like art, pottery and music classes. You could get them gardening and growing things from seeds, try out fishing, camping and so much more. Not only are these things great for body and mind, but they give your child the opportunity to build skills and decide for themselves what it is they enjoy doing and would like to pursue. 

Travel together

Routine with kids is important, but sometimes this can get a little boring and mundane. So during school holidays and weekends, why not break routine by organising trips? Again, this doesn’t have to be expensive, you could pack up the car with a picnic and go on a road trip. You could book cheap coach tickets with Megabus and visit another city for the day, or hop on a train. The experience is whatever you make it, and new surroundings will make things exciting and memorable for kids. 


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