Top Tips When Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

When you first get engaged it is all excitement as you gush over the ring, celebrate with a glass (or two) of something sparkly, make the big social media announcement and thank the many family and friends who send you their congratulations your way.

But then comes the very serious business of planning a wedding.  After the dress the venue is the second biggest decision you will make and plays a huge part in setting the tone for the day.  

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself as you view a wedding venue:

Where will the ceremony be held?

This question covers two possibilities, if you are planning on a civil ceremony will there be somewhere within the venue for the service and will it be big enough to hold all your guests.  If you are planning a church wedding you will want to consider the journey time to get from the church to your venue, ideally a maximum of 30-40 minutes is long enough.

Is there somewhere to take photos?

Your wedding photos are something you will look back on for years to come, and want to show your future children, is there somewhere picture perfect within the building or within the grounds where you could take those all important newlywed shots. A venue such as Botleys Mansion in Surrey is stunning from every angle and would make for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding album.

Is there outdoor space for your guests?

Maybe this is a personal one but I love a wedding where there is some outdoor space where guests can mingle, especially for a summer wedding.  Despite having a winter wedding one thing that was key for me was that I wasn’t in a function room with little view. Our wedding breakfast was in a huge conservatory with gorgeous views over the venues gardens.  Whilst it may have been too cold to be outside it was lovely to not feel enclosed, and had we had a summer wedding the conservatory doors would have been wide open.

Is the food good?

You want your wedding to be talked about for weeks afterwards for all the right reasons, and a great wedding breakfast and/or buffet will also go down a storm.  Something a little quirky and different will always add a little something extra to the day so look carefully at the wedding packages on offer. If there is one thing people will notice about a wedding, it will be if the food wasn’t up to scratch.

Do you get the feeling?

There’s a few things in life that I believe you have to go with your gut instinct for.  Choosing a house, choosing your childs nursery/school and picking your wedding venue is up there with them.  When you walk in do you feel something special that you can’t quite put your finger on? Does is make you break into a smile just by being there?  If so, all logical thoughts go out the window and you just know that’s where you want to celebrate your big day and following your gut is more often than not the best way to go.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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