6 Success Tips for Female Entrepreneurs in Events Planning

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Times have changed. More women are trying their hand at entrepreneurship than ever before. Even so, it is not without challenges. It calls for a lot of determination to be a cut above the rest as a female entrepreneur. In the event planning space, things are no different. The challenges of events planning need one to be a tough cookie and have a few extra tips above their sleeves. Here are some success tips for female entrepreneurs in events planning.

Have organizational skills

Events planning calls for a high level of organization. Organizational skills are a must-have for a successful female events planner. You will need sharp organization skills and an impeccable eye for detail. Have schedules for client timelines and find a system for recording even the slightest details. Proper organization will have things running like a well-oiled machine.

Create performance metrics

To be a successful female events planner, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Analyze everything. Gathering events data helps you come up with the best strategies that will see you have improved results. You can collect data from surveys, social media, or the good ole face-to-face conversations.  Have metrics for performance to know when you are doing a good job and when you are slacking. Checking the performance metrics helps you be proactive in all aspects of the business.

Check critical things off your list first

Any event planner knows that time is a valuable asset. As an events planner, you tend to have limited time to sort through a bunch of things. It is therefore critical to understand what items on your events planning checklist need immediate attention. Have a list of all things you need when organizing an event and prioritize the most crucial things. It saves you a lot of headaches knowing that you have tackled the most critical issues in good time.

Be a savvy networker

As a female in the events industry, you will soon realize that you thrive with an excellent network of diverse professionals and vendors. A successful event requires the collaboration of different people from caterers, DJs, bands, décor, videographers, to photographers. You also need the best patrol services to ensure that your events have top-range security. Have an expansive network that you can leverage to create events that your clients will never forget. Also, with a diverse network, you will have more people referring business to you. Expand your network through attending industry networking events or being active in social media.


In event planning, communication is essential. Effective communication with your team and other vendors is an integral aspect of success in events planning. Your team and other suppliers need to be clear on your vision and ideas. Ensure that you are respectful in your communication and listen to suggestions from your team.


To stay ahead of the competition, ensure that you set out time in your busy schedule to research new ideas and read industry news. This research will inspire you and ensure that your events are always fresh and at par with the current trends.

Wrapping up

Events planning and especially as a female entrepreneur can be a tough grind. There will be hectic days when things seem like they are not falling in place. On those days, remember the passion that got you into the businesses in the first place. Never let the fire burn out. It will get you through the rough days.


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