Your Grocery Shopping List For The Weekend Family Getaway

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The year 2020 has ruined travel plans for many. Not only has it restricted travel but has also taught some of the most valuable life lessons to generations – maintaining hygiene.

Though the travel restrictions have been slacked a bit, it still does not mean that there is no need to ensure hygiene. According to a report, the new mutated strains of the Covid-19 virus are being discovered. And they are believed to be more dangerous than the previous ones.

At times like this, traveling the usual way isn’t an option. But, this also does not mean that you should skip on the fun part.

Family getaways are all about spending some quality bonding time together.

And we know it more than you know. So, here’s our suggestion – shop these items to have a safe and exciting weekend getaway with your family.

Load Up Green Veggies And Fruits

When you’re on the go, you’d not only need quick foods but also a healthy diet. Including easy to prepare green veggies like lettuce, spinach, and cabbages can ensure both. Besides, you should also load up some fruits such as oranges and avocados in your shopping cart.

You can easily make salads on the go or saute and toss them up with cooking oil to enjoy a homely meal. And all of that without jeopardizing your or your loved ones’ health.

Keep Some Healthy Meat

If you’re a meat-lover then you might not want to skip on it during your weekend getaway. But, the problem with meat preservation on the go could be something bothering you.

Don’t worry about it. There are “halal food blogs” that not only tell you how to prepare the meat but also how to preserve them while you’re on the road. And it needs no mention that including a healthy pack of meat in your diet can fulfill the protein and vital nutrients in your body, which are also essential for keeping away the fatigue.

Pantry Items

No diet is complete without grains and pulses. They are an essential part of daily nutritional needs. Besides, they are high in carbs and healthy fiber which is essential for effective metabolism.

Pack some bread, buns, bagels, and cereals in your pantry cart. If you’re into baking your own bread, then you must pack some wheat and gram flour. But make sure you also carry a mini-oven or a camping oven if you’re going to bake your own bread during the getaway.

Butter, Sauces, And Condiments

Not to forget, the essential sauces and condiments for all your cooking needs. Whether you’ll be cooking pasta or simply making a meat broth, you’d need spices, butter, and other condiments.Most importantly, pack some salt and pepper, so that even the simplest of the meals can be prepared without needing much effort.


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