Essential Questions To Help You Find the Perfect Pillow

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If you are looking for a set of perfect luxury pillows, then it’s worthwhile considering how you will use your pillow and what it is you want to get out of it.  Find your ideal pillow match by asking yourself a few questions:

Will my pillow suit my sleeping position?

The whole purpose of luxury pillows is to improve your sleeping position and provide you with the most comfortable night’s sleep by supporting the curve in your neck. We all have our own unique sleeping position, falling into three main categories; side sleeper, back sleeper and front sleep. A further category is that of the sleep who changes position through the night. Get it wrong with a pillow that is too high or too low can result in aches and pains and a tough night’s sleep.

  • Side sleeper – this is the most popular kind of sleeping position. Thick and firm pillows are best for these sleepers who create a natural gap to bridge when they sleep on their sides.
  • Back sleeper – many experts recommend the back sleeping position because it helps create a more healthy posture. Thinner pillows are often best for back sleepers, if your pillow is too thick then it can put your head too high and you can develop muscle strains as a result.  
  • Front sleeper – it is advisable to avoid sleeping on your front as it can put your body into an unnatural sleeping position for a prolonged period of time. Less pillow fill is advised if you naturally gravitate to this position in your sleep. Also, make sure your pillow is made of breathable material as this repels heat more readily and prevents you from becoming too hot.

Do I have any allergies?

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If you have allergies it is worth looking in more detail at the kind of filling that is best for you. Goose feather and down pillows or duck feather pillows are natural materials and can sometimes trigger irritations for people who are prone to allergies. If that is the case, then we can recommend opting for a synthetic filling, like Microfibre.

What are the benefits of natural filling?

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A natural filling is one of the most popular choices for a bedding pillow. Goose down pillows and duck down pillows offer superior quality. At Dusk, we create pillows with just the right combination of soft down and firmer feathers to create the support and comfort you need.

What size pillows will I need?

The size of pillow you choose comes down to the size of the bed you are sleeping in. Super king size pillows can be used on king size and super king size beds, and Dusk king size pillows can be used on double bed and king size beds. Be careful not to overwhelm a small bed with a pillow that is too large as this will look peculiar and uninviting.If you would like to see the latest deals and discounts on the full range of luxury pillows, including goose feather pillows, duck down pillows and the synthetic ‘Feels like Down’ ranges available at Dusk, go to

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