The Forever Home – Future Plans For Our Bedroom

I have a love/hate relationship with our bedroom.  I love the space in the room, the brick wall, the balcony with views over the garden.  I love it’s high ceiling and that it has a lovely little ensuite.  But I really hate the decor!

This is completely our own fault as when we first moved in we decorated to match the existing furniture we had from our previous home.  Buying and renovating our forever home (whilst getting married a couple of months later) wiped out all of our savings and there wasn’t any spare money to buy new bedroom furniture so we were working with what we had.

At the time I kind of liked it but over the past few years that has completely changed.  Of all the beautiful colours there are out there why did we go for such a brown themed room?? Seriously, it’s like Fifty Shades of Brown in our bedroom and it’s the one room that always seems to be pushed to the bottom of our to do list.

With O’s room almost complete and the nursery ready for when G moves into his own room we have started to think about our bedroom.  This is where my husband and I start to disagree and finding a new look that makes us both happy is not an easy task.  I like things pretty and would love to go quite floral but my husband prefers a more modern look.  As we live in a house dating back to 1850 anything too modern isn’t really in keeping with the house so I have a slight advantage there.

One thing we do agree on is that we need blackout blinds as our bedroom is east facing and the morning sun streams through the full length windows.  On one hand it’s lovely but it can make for some early wake up calls, especially in the summer.

Once the day has started and we are up I want to make the most of the sunshine in the room and lighten it up.  The brown seems to make the room feel permanently dreary, especially in the evening when the sun is all at the front of the house.  When browsing Pinterest I have found that I have been drawn to pale greys and ivories, which I love the look of but I’m not entirely sure how practical it will be with two young boys in the house.


Photos courtesy of Pinterest

We’re still very much at the planning stage at the moment but I’m already starting to get excited.  The downstairs of our house is all open plan and as the boys get older having a grown up space where we can escape to will be invaluable.  I might not even let my husband in!


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