A Busy Mom’s Guide To Dealing With Period Woes

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Balancing home and kids is unmanageable at times, and when it is that time of the month, it becomes a headache. Things are a lot easier when you don’t have kids around as you can take adequate rest along with a hot water bottle, and there is nobody to disturb. But motherhood is a different ball game, and dealing with period woes becomes challenging. But, the key here is to take care of menstrual pain and fatigue with some tried-and-tested measures. Here are a few tricks that can help you to manage things with ease.

Pop a painkiller

The foremost thing to deal with the pain is to take your pain killer. It will help you get rid of the discomfort and severe period pain. You can rely on over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen to deliver instant relief from the agony. A stick-on heat pad can also be beneficial to soothe your stomach and back pain with warmth for a whole day.

Get enough sleep

Yes, you must get ample rest and sound sleep to relieve the menstrual cramps. But it becomes tough when you have toddlers or even grown-up kids around. But it is essential, and you should take some time out to unwind and calm your senses. Reduce the light in your bedroom and stay away from any unwanted noise. Moreover, limit the usage of the phone and computer, which can create distractions and sleep deprivation.

Comfort is the key

During periods, it is necessary to wear comfortable clothing with nothing restrictive around your tummy. A maxi dress or empire-line top with leggings are the best options to keep you easy. During winters, a cozy jumper can do the trick. Moreover, soft and cottony pads are good to feel comfortable throughout the day while handling the household and professional chores.

Take a natural remedy

Periods are one of the most difficult phases to handle. Cramps, mood swings, and hot flashes are common during this time. But, these symptoms are easy to handle by consuming a menstrual health remedy. Fortunately, there are some safe and reliable options to embrace as a part of your self-care routine. You can also discuss your healthcare provider for more useful information.

Do gentle exercises

Hitting the gym may not seem like a great idea during menstruation. But a few gentle exercises can help you ease the pain. In this aspect, Yoga is a great exercise that can give you instant pain relief. But if you have kids around you, take a walk in the park to get some fresh air to feel great. Try and keep yourself active and in a good mood throughout the day, and you will feel less pain and stress!

Try a comfort food

During this unbearable time of the month, ensure to keep your diet up to the mark. You can have chocolates as comfort food, but try and stick to dark ones. They will satisfy your cravings, boost your mood, and help eliminate pain quickly. Besides, avoid sugary treats and unhealthy fats. Also, incorporate foods rich in magnesium, antioxidants, and calcium to ease the condition.

Take apple cider 

Another remedy that helps to keep the period cramps away is to have apple cider. It is very effective and maintains a hormonal balance. It also keeps your sugar levels in check and boosts energy levels. Moreover, it contains essential minerals such as potassium to prevent fatigue. You only need to mix apple cider vinegar into warm or cold water. It will show its amazing effects within minutes.

Relax with a massage

You can get rid of the PMS cramps easily by getting a good abdominal massage. It will help you ease down cramps, bloating, and pains in the long run and give you a refreshing feel. It also fights neck and back soreness effectively. If you feel the need to get a massage, ask your partner to help or visit a therapist to get instant relief. You can combine it with essential oils for the best results.

Use heat

Heat is one of the best ways to get comfort from cramps as it reduces muscle tension. You can apply heat to the painful area, that is, the lower abdominal. A hot pack or hot water bottle will do the trick. Buy a good-quality heating pad or water bottle from the store near you or check a few products online. Another suggestion is to relax in a steaming hot bubble bath. 

Stay hydrated

According to experts, you are likely to get more period cramps if you are dehydrated. Set an aim to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Have warm water after exercising or when you feel thirsty. Try and avoid caffeine as it can cause bloating, water retention, and discomfort. Load up on healthy, sugar-free fluids, and you will feel energetic and refreshed all the time. 

When should you see a doctor?

Periods are normal, and every woman goes through them. So, it is not a good idea to rush with any pre-conceived notion about your periods. Take time and try to figure out a probable reason for you to experience excessive bleeding or pains. Although period pain is quite common, severe aches are not. So you must see a doctor if anything seems amiss. Watch out for the following signs.

  • Your pain affects your ability to work normally
  • You started having severe aches at or before the age of 25

Terrible pain and cramps are not good, and you must visit a doctor early. There will be hesitation in the beginning, but with time, it will get better.

Mood swings, hot flashes, cramps, and aches are common during this time. They can get controlled effectively by following the tips mentioned above. If you think that the woes are unbearable, connect with your doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will guide you with the best treatment and help you face the problem with ease. Seek help from your kids once they are old enough to understand your problem.


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