How To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Going Strong

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It can be tricky when you have to live away from your other half, whether it is for work or because you are currently living in different countries. But there are still ways in which you can keep the romance alive. Here are some top tips to demonstrate how much they mean to you. 

Video Chat

Luckily with the advent of technology it is a lot easier to keep in contact. You can skype, zoom and whatsapp each other on video chat which enables you to be able to see your partner as well as hear their lovely voice. 

Organize Date Nights 

You could organise a particular time and date where you will video chat with each other and share a meal as though you were dining together in person in a restaurant. This will still feel as though you are having a date night whilst being apart. 

Write Letters

You are probably used to sending a text or instant message but you could spend time writing a letter and sending it in the post. It is a nice way to communicate instead of using your cell phone. It will be a lovely surprise for your partner to receive a handwritten letter from you in the post giving them an update about your week and telling them how much you miss them. 

Send Gifts

Sending them a surprise personalized gift is a nice way of letting them know you are thinking about them. It could be a snack box filled with all their favorite candy and chocolate, a photo album with lovely memories of the two of you or a new outfit they would like. 

Plan a Visit

Surprising them with a visit in person or planning when you can next meet in person will give you both something positive to look forward to. It will enable you to start a countdown to when you can next embrace each other too. 

Live Together When You Reunite

If you make plans to live together once this time apart is over it will be a positive step forward in the relationship. You could start the next chapter of your relationship by moving to your partner’s country. You might have some paperwork to organize beforehand such as applying for a k3 spouse visa to ensure you have all the necessary legal documentation, but it will be worth it so that you can reunite. 

Embrace This Time Apart

Overall it may seem really difficult to begin with to get used to the idea that you cannot cuddle and kiss each other, but being able to spend this time apart will make you realise that you really do want to live together as soon as the opportunity arises. Spending time apart could strengthen your relationship as opposed to weakening it as you will appreciate them even more in your life. 


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