Extension News 4 {The New Bedroom}

As we are in the final days of our extension build all my thoughts are turning to decoration.  Whilst the focus has been on the new kitchen/living/dining space we have created downstairs one room upstairs has been completely revamped and is unrecognisable from how it was previously.  I have mentioned before how our bedroom has been a little bit of a bugbear for me, a space that I loved but with decoration that I hated.

We had brought our furniture from our previous house with us and whilst it had fitted in our old home, and with our 20-something year old tastes, over time those tastes had changed and the furniture became tired (and a bit shoddy but that had more to do with my husbands poor DIY skills).  Unfortunately two children and nurseries to decorate took priority over us updating our bedroom.

This year all that has changed, we have a brand new bedroom and have started completely from scratch with our furniture.  The brown bed, and drawers are all in a skip somewhere and we are awaiting the arrival of a gorgeous new super king size bed and some new M&S furniture in the palest shade of grey.  Trust me, it’s beautiful. I wanted to keep the furniture fairly plain to allow the accessories to make more of a statment.

After spending eight and a half years in a dark, brown room I am all about the light.  I want the room to be as light as possible, the huge windows leading to the balcony are helping with that but I am also on the look out for some new lamps for our side tables.

Possibly the only thing I did like from our previous bedroom was our two Laura Ashley side lamps.  They were pretty but as it turned out, hugely impractical.  They were round in shape meaning they took up most of the table leaving little room for anything else, so whilst they were lovely, they have also had to go.  I want space for the lovely VQ radio alarm clock I have my eye on, and space for a family photo by my bed.

I have an idea of what I’m looking for, I want them to be tall, after having short round lamps for years, I want them to be elegant and I have been browsing the Lights website for inspiration.  They have a fantastic range of bedside lamps to suit all budgets, and I have been a little spoilt for choice.

With all the excitement of the downstairs I keep forgetting that I will soon have a brand new bedroom to rest my head in, one that doesn’t have a hint of brown in sight!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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