Three Reasons to Stop Neglecting Your Doors and Give Them a Much-Needed Upgrade

People often don’t realise the impact that their doors have on their home. Not only is upgrading your doors an easy way to add extra value to your home, but there are countless additional benefits that you could experience and it’s a much lower cost to upgrade a door as opposed to renovating an entire room.

To help convince you to stop neglecting your doors, we’ve put together three great reasons why you should consider giving your doors a much-needed upgrade as soon as you can.

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1. Improving the appearance of your front entrance has many benefits

Your front door is seen by everyone and the way you decorate or style it will have a huge impact on people that visit you. Sometimes, an old front door can be surprisingly hard to open especially if dirt or grime has built up on the hinges or the frame of the door itself. In addition, front doors are typically exposed to more of the elements, so over time your front entrance will be battered with small scrapes, cracks and dents especially if the weather in your area is particularly bad. This also makes moisture a surprisingly common problem because it can slip in between the panes of glass on your door.

A well-kept front door can also reduce the likelihood of someone wanting to break into your home. If your front entrance looks worn down, old and almost falling apart, then thieves can identify weaknesses such as a rusting lock or a single pane of glass and exploit them to break into your home when you least expect it. Lastly, we also can’t forget that a poorly-fitted front door will let cold air in which is never great for the winter. If you find that you need to stuff something under the door to prevent your entire home from freezing, then it’s a sign you should replace your front door sooner than later. The same applies to your back and garage door. If you notice any issue with the door, repair or replace it immediately. You can also learn more here about garage door repair. 

2. Doors can become part of your overall decor arrangement if used correctly

Whether it’s doors with special engraved patterns, window panes or even the colour and style of the door handle, you can use door decor as a way to merge it with the rest of your home interior. Companies like Todd Doors offer a wide range of unique finishes to a door and it’s important to consider your door as part of your interior design in the same way that windows or furniture would.

Think of it this way; if you saw a door that was lavishly designed and had a wonderful shiny door handle, you would probably expect whatever’s inside to be of equivalent quality. Most people just use simple wooden doors with cheap handles and while this is generally fine for most cases, it does look incredibly underwhelming and boring compared to what it could look like if you put a bit of effort into the design of the door.

In short, doors should always be considered a part of your overall decor arrangement instead of just being seen as an entryway to a room. They can be designed, painted and decorated just like any other piece of furniture in your home and it’s important to maintain a consistent style throughout your home if you want to improve your home value and impress your guests.

3. Door replacements and upgrades are cost-effective long-term improvements

There are plenty of trendy home improvements that could add functionality, style and value to your home, but they’re usually very time-consuming, often follow hot trends that will go out of style soon and are also very costly. In comparison, a simple door replacement is both functional and stylish while also offering a structural improvement to your home, not to mention the safety it offers over an old worn-out door.

New doors can last for decades when installed properly and you won’t need to replace high-quality finishings anytime soon. As a result, replacing a door is perhaps one of the most underrated home improvements to perform despite all of the benefits it can provide in such a short time. It’s an easy DIY project that is perfect for beginners, it’s cost-effective so you can stay within your budget and they can easily be done in an afternoon.

To conclude, replacing or upgrading your doors can be a worthwhile investment that offers many great benefits. It’s cost-effective, it’s easy, the materials are readily available and it can be done in a short afternoon. Give your doors a much-needed upgrade and you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your home.

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