Fitness Secrets for Working Mommies to Get Picture-Perfect Muscles

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“Bodybuilding is an art; your body is the canvas, weights are your brush, and nutrition is your paint. We all have the ability to turn a self-portrait into a masterpiece.”

  • Kai Greene 

‘I don’t wish to know any new trick to build stronger muscles,’ says no fitness freak ever. Seeking new advice and trying new exercises is something that almost every fitness freak looks forward to. Maybe that’s the reason why the internet is flooded with countless guides and hacks helping people gain better muscles. But unfortunately, not all of them work the best for your body type. 

But why?

Muscle development depends on one’s body potential, ability to perform the exercises, determination, and most importantly the diet. While many consider performing the rigid muscle-building gym session is enough, people tend to neglect their diet and overall routine. This leaves a massive impact on the result orientation ability. 

What is the secret to bodybuilding?

Everyone wishes to know the secrets to effective bodybuilding sessions. And why not when the entire world desires to look fit and picture-perfect round the clock. When talking about the core muscle-building sessions, people need to keep an eye on the muscle-building program’s different segments in total. 

If you have been doing muscle strength training for a long time but fails to obtain the expected results, then here are some hacks to keep you moving towards the deserving results. 

Pay attention to your workout regime – Those who have been through it must know that there are different muscle-building exercise stages. It all starts with a moderately intense workout moving forward to the complete intense exercise regime. During this course, you are expected to build body weight and strength to perform a full-force regime.

With the due course of time, your body gets used to the different bodybuilding training sessions that you are subjected to. So this means the more advanced you are, the better results you will see. Therefore, make sure to vary your workout session to adapt to different sets of exercises. This will help you bring a notable difference in your different body parts. 

Workout durations – Many people live with the misconception that longer muscle-building sessions are the basis of positive results. If you have been living with the same thoughts, you need to change your perception. With this approach, many health freaks prefer to run on a 3-hour marathon rather than a hardcore 45-minutes cardio session. The bodybuilding experts suggest that an individual’s testosterone levels begin to decline after every 45 minutes of hardcore physical workout. While this, the cortisol levels start to rise simultaneously. 

The testosterone levels start to build the muscle and burn the fat-building elements. Besides this, cortisol damages muscle strength and stores the fat developing cells. This explains that a situation where the testosterone decline and cortisol increase leaves an opposite effect on the overall body. If you have been dealing with such issues, you would need to work on cortisol-reducing exercises and strategies. 

Your diet is the base of positive results – You can build good and well-strengthened muscles only when developing the right energy balance in your body. This means keeping a balance between consuming and burning calories. You require at least 2800 calories a day to build a pound of well-strengthened muscles. For this, make sure you hop on different healthy recipes like – collagen protein powder smoothie, protein frappuccino, chocolate chip protein bar, peppermint protein shake, and much more. 

Besides the meals, make sure you set the right time to consume protein and overall meals in a day. Prefer to eat every three hours. If you don’t feel like eating anything, get some healthy munching options ready for you. Whatever you eat, make sure it should have a good quality protein element to boost your metabolism and energy levels. 

Once you are done with your workout, your body requires a fresh punch of energy, and possible when you consume quality carbohydrates. Include options like – pasta, potatoes, oats, rice, bread, and much more. While all this, make sure you eat whole grains and avoid white carbs strictly. 

Minimize the cardio workout – While there are countless benefits of cardio workout, but those who are working on muscle building should restrict their cardio workout to 3 to 4 sessions of only 20 to 30 minutes at maximum. Generally, a cardio workout is good for those working on shedding those extra pounds and not for someone building muscle. Pay special attention to physical workout activities like – walking, brisk walk, recumbent bike, etc. 

Use dumbbells the most – Most people prefer to rely on machine workouts to build muscles. But the secret to impeccable results lies in dumbbells or barbells. The human body is designed to operate in a 3-dimensional universe. And if you are relying on the machines, you are doing nothing but restricting your body’s potential. Go for barbells with multi-joint exercises, increasing your potential and delivering the best results. Include some necessary exercises for bodybuilding like – dips, squats, pull-ups, lunges, and much more to improve fiber development in your muscles. This helps to fasten up the results to a considerable extent. It helps to move your torso through the body’s space which activates a good amount of muscles. If possible, practice at least one set of squats and leg extensions while using dumbbells to see some remarkable difference. 

Note – If you still fail to see the positive results, prefer to consult a nutritionist or gym instructor. It may be due to some hormonal imbalance or other health concerns restricting the development of muscles. If not consulted, it can lead you to wrongful consequences. 

The last word – 

There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider when building muscles for some serious results. A perfectly lean body looks fantastic, but one needs to keep a hawk’s eye on many things encompassing diet to the exercise regime. Muscle building or strengthening training requires a lot of energy. Therefore, it’s essential to see and evaluate what you eat.


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