Following The PiYo Workout To Get Fit This New Year

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PiYo is an 8-week-long, full at-home workout regimen created by Chalene Johnson for Beachbody to completely remodel your entire body in just two months (60 days) with no weights, leaps, or stress on your body. 

It was built to boost flexibility as well as strength, achieving this by making use of a special mix of Pilates and Yoga-based movements to help you get long, lean toned muscle all of this while maintaining the rate fast enough to enable you to burn off excess fat. You obtain the muscle-defining movements of Pilates with the convenience of Yoga exercise to enable you to get the body you have always wanted. We recommend buying some fitted workout clothing from the likes of Curves N Combatboots, as loose clothing will only get in the way.

There are actually 8 work-outs that are included with the standard PiYo package: 

  • Align: Breaks down the movements in gradual motions, so that you can execute them in the appropriate form in the course of the regular work-outs.
  • Define Upper Body: Start off cutting away at your upper and core body, defining your biceps and triceps, as well as shoulders.
  • Define Lower Body: Begin building sexy legs using this work-out from your hamstrings to your calves.
  • Sweat: A far more traditional PiYo work-out that makes use of moving yoga-based placements and resilience workouts to give an efficient cardio/strength work-out.
  • Core: This ab-centric work-out chisels away at your abdominal area to enable you to get a strong, attractive core.
  • Strength Intervals: Certainly one of my faves, this somewhat shorter, fast-paced, fat-incinerating work-out has got you switching from stamina to cardio.
  • Drench: This challenging tolerance work-out increases fat reduction and works each and every muscle tissue within your body. Get ready to get drenched.
  • Sculpt: A variety of tempos maintains your muscle tissue under stress for different amounts of time to supply you with a muscle-defining work-out that completely transforms your entire body. 

In case you’re a newbie just getting started on your quest to getting in much better shape, PiYo is able to play the role of a strong kick-off point or partner piece to a package like P90. 

Also if you’re an experienced fitness expert, we really feel it is possible to put PiYo to beneficial use in combination with your regular weight-lifting routine or even the likes of a package like Shaun T’s Insanity Max 30. 

We suggest PiYo for the following groups: 

  • People that are completely new to fitness and searching for an entry-level program.
  • People who are semi-new to fitness and wish to undertake Pilates or yoga.
  • People who wish to concentrate on accelerating their weight-loss without going to extremes.
  • People who wish to stay away from high-impact workouts.
  • Fitness veterans seeking to supplement other work-out programs. 


Great for newbies: The program can simply be obtained and utilized by anyone, irrespective of his or her physique, present fitness level, as well as age. 

Really low impact work-outs: There is absolutely no jumping or jarring movements in the PiYo workout system. Moves are usually more natural and fluent. 

Quick work-outs: The highest period of time you’ll invest in 1 work-out is 45 mins. But then, the work-outs appear faster. 

Improved flexibility: Thanks to the yoga exercise components in the regime, a lot of users have seen improved flexibility at the conclusion of the 60 days. 


Unbalanced work-outs: In some videos, Chalene executes too many work-outs in which the right part of your body receives more work-out than the other. 

Rapid transformations: Chalene transitions very quickly from workout to workout (and even sometimes doesn’t provide hints), so keeping up with the modifications can be hard in some work-outs. 


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