Why Should Humans Have all The Fun? Let Your Pooch Have it too!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras.

This quote shows how pets hold importance in our lives. Let me prove this with facts.

  1. In US households, people have more pets than children.
  2. There has been a surge in the amount spent on pet products. It came out to be 99 billion US dollars on an annual basis.
  3. Who is your favorite pet? Well, most of us will answer this question with a dog! And they are American’s favorite pets too. Don’t believe us? More than 63 million households in America owned at least one dog.

If they hold such a significant spot in our lives, is it not our duty to make them feel special? Of course, it is! We celebrate our birthdays in a lively manner, so why not celebrate our pup’s birthday? And show them that, yes, they are a vital part of our life. 

Gear up with these “Pawsome” ideas for your fur-baby!

Decorations – Any party is incomplete without decoration. But be careful here. Some pooches love balloons, while others are just scared if they pop. Place them at a high level. You can also go for the paw stickers on the wall. To make the decoration more effective, draw some paw prints on the floor. Set the party for your adorable friend with the perfect doggy theme.

Dress them up and give them a cool look – What is the meaning of birthday if there is no birthday hat? There are many party hats out there in the market that are designed for these little cuties. Not only this, you can also think of including some cool and comfortable pet pajamas. Sounds great? Add a little more spice with a bow tie. Now your furbaby is ready to rock the party.

A fluffy birthday cake – You are living with that little creature for a while now, so you must be aware of its favorite flavor. You can order it from a dog bakery. Ensure that you are not providing them the cakes meant for humans. They are loaded with sugar which is not suitable for your pup’s health.

Theme – You can organize the theme “Paw-ties” for your pup. You can include the games that they love. For example – Bury the bone. As summers are arriving, you can also go for a pool party for them.

It is time for some gifts – Your pet makes your life worthwhile. It offers you companionship, safety, and security. It lifts you in the hard times. It plays with you. And it is the party time going on! So let us make this complete by showering them with the gifts and explaining that, yes, we love you with all our heart and soul. You can fill them up with presents like a donut treat box, bones smoocher collar, dog hair bow, or pot of gold treats (biscuits).

These pawfect ideas will definitely help you in organizing the best birthday party for your little friend.

But why should you make so much effort to make them feel special? Because they do the same. Don’t know how? Let’s find out!

Mood elevator – We live in the modern world. It is common to see people stressed up due to various reasons. You know you are lucky if you own a little pooch. How? They will keep you feeling relaxed. According to research, people suffering from diseases have fewer chances of depression if they own a furry friend. Also, people more than 65 years of age make 30% fewer visits to doctors than people without pets. It increases the level of happy hormones – dopamine or serotonin. They work as a stress-buster for you. They teach you to live in the moment. What more positive things can happen if you are enjoying the present?

Knows the importance of fitness – Do you exercise regularly to remain fit and healthy besides following a good diet? A little exercise is necessary, right! Sometimes we become sluggish and tend to miss the routine. But since these little friends need a daily walk, they will drag you out of the door. In short, you’ll always be at your best with them in your life.

A perfect example of unconditional love – What they need? A warm and sheltered place, adequate food and water. That’s it! In return, they come with loads of loyalty, love, and companionship. They are the ideals of unconditional love and loyalty. When you come back home after a tiring day, it will wag its tail for you. See how welcoming they are!

Emotional strength – “It is very difficult to get up and go outside. Sometimes we encounter these types of feelings. At this time, these furry pals come to our rescue. On days like these, they help you in finding relief and a sense of purpose. In this way, you can freshly get out of bed. They can help you fight loneliness. 

Do you need someone to pour out your feelings? They will give you the shoulder to cry on. They will lean against you or snuggle you up. You will feel free from all of your problems as Waka Flocka Flame said – No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog will always shower love to make you feel special. 

Develops a sense of responsibility – Do you have kids at your home? This is something which we call icing on the cake. Children like animals a lot. A puppy teaches them important skills. For instance – A puppy will make them realize the significance of cleaning and grooming. They also develop empathy in them. These emotions and habits impact your child’s later life.

Final words

Believe it or not, owning a dog adds meaning to our life. They help us in so many ways. Now it is our time to flabbergast them with all the good things, like throwing a party. Make them realize that – A little pup forms a big world for you. So live, laugh, and bark with these woofy ideas!


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