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This is something a little different for me as I don’t normally accept guest posts but with a new year I’m hoping to make lots of positive changes, one of them is being a little more open to new and fresh ideas.  Eco Badger is a new fashion company providing eco clothing to all ages.  Without further ado I will hand over to Kelly (blogger at Nature Mum Blog) to tell you a little more about it:

Some of you may know me as Nature Mum Blog. It is a kind of parenting lifestyle nature cooking blog. It doesn’t really have a niche as such as I do so many different things that I like to include on there.

I don’t just have a blog, I also write children’s books and my partner and I have just started an Eco clothing line. I studied environmental science at university. I always planned to do something worthwhile with my degree, but after having my son who was born 10 weeks early, only a year after completing my degree I haven’t yet managed to succeed in my career. I almost went back to college to study a teaching qualification but I then had my daughter so again my career was put on hold.

When my daughter was 6 months old I started my blog. I started it as I wanted to help families not only get outside and spend more time in the great outdoors but to also cook delicious and simple recipes from their kitchen. I love being able to help and inspire.

My love for inspiring people is also the reason I started writing my books. I wanted to use it to help children gain courage to try something which they love and feel passionate about. To teach them not to worry about what others think. I was told over and over that I wouldn’t succeed but this has pushed me on more! I want the younger generations to feel the same, that nothing can get in their way.

An eco-clothing line has always been a dream of mine. I thought it was one that I would never be able to achieve as it is such a huge industry and seems impossible to break into. I am only just starting so I may find it incredibly difficult. Only time will tell.

It all started a few months back when I was talking to my partner about selling recycled and recyclable travel mugs using a design from one of my books. I then got talking to a very talented friend whose brothers own a eco clothing company. She directed me to their site and told me how I could get started. I couldn’t believe it, I could actually start a lifelong dream of mine. My partner and I have always discussed having our own store where we would sell eco clothing and eco coffee. This is something which we may be able to do now. If our business does well that is.

Here is a bit about my new business.

Eco Badger is a new fashion line which provides eco clothing to all ages. Created with the future of the planet in mind! Our brand focuses on outdoor clothing that you would be happy to wear whilst exploring the great outdoors. We also wanted to provide a child range which is for children who love to get muddy and find adventures in everything they do.

The sustainability of our clothing range is highly important to us. We can trace the product from seed to shop. Every step of the process is strictly monitored. One of the great benefits of choosing an Eco Badger product is that once you have finished using it, no matter what damage it has, you can send it back to the factory for it to be recycled and in return you receive store credit!

This is a very exciting venture for us and one that I hope will be successful!

Kelly (Nature Mum Blog, Eco Badge)


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