When I turned 21 my best friend bought me a card with the words Proper Grown Up on the front. Turning 21 felt so much older than being 18, so yes,  for a while I did feel quite the adult. In reality, I wasn’t even close. At 21 I was still at uni which meant afternoons watching Diagnosis Murder and Thursday nights spent partying away at LA’s nightclub (if you have ever been to Hull back in the day you’ll know what I’m talking about). I remember laughing at the idea of an over 25’s night because lets be honest… View Post

If I’m being honest I don’t really have a favourite season.  I think they all have their good and their bad points, and I try to focus on the positives of the season we are currently enjoying.  This is very unlike my husband who always seems to want the season he isn’t in.  In the middle of summer he’s longing for Christmas and come January he’s wishing that the sunny days were here. So rather than focus on my favourite season I’m going to focus on my favourite things of each season. Autumn the fall in temperature allowing the scarves… View Post

This week we’re really enjoying the build up to Halloween. There are two pumpkins in the garden waiting to be carved, we have several pumpkin decorations dotted around the house and there’s a brand spanking new wizard outfit hanging in the little mans wardrobe. This is all a far cry from the Halloweens I remember as a kid: My costume for trick or treating consisted of a black bin bag with two holes cut in it for the arms,  no fancy witches dress for me. If I was lucky I got a plastic witches hat with a bit of green… View Post

Last week we had a mini tragedy in our house.  The internet was down! Not in a down for a couple of hours kind of way, this was a down until further notice.  It took a 90 minute phonecall on Thursday night to establish it would be fixed on Monday at the earliest.  Leaving us with at least 3 full days (and a weekend) with no Wi-Fi! But what about 3G you may ask?  We live in a small pocket of 3G randomness where it will appear in 10 minute intervals if you happen to be stood in the right… View Post