If I’m being honest I don’t really have a favourite season.  I think they all have their good and their bad points, and I try to focus on the positives of the season we are currently enjoying.  This is very unlike my husband who always seems to want the season he isn’t in.  In the middle of summer he’s longing for Christmas and come January he’s wishing that the sunny days were here. So rather than focus on my favourite season I’m going to focus on my favourite things of each season. Autumn the fall in temperature allowing the scarves… View Post

I take holiday planning quite seriously.  It’s booked months in advance, so we have something to look forward to.  A few new pieces are carefully chosen to update my summer wardrobe and the holiday haircut is booked in.  Insurance, check.  Currency, check.  Passports and all vital documents, all checked and safely secured in their travel wallet ready to go into the hand luggage.  The taxi-man (or Dad as he prefers to be called) is booked and we’re ready to go! Unfortunately all of my enthusiasm has been used up in the before holiday phase, so there’s not that much left for our homecoming!  I wish I could be one of those people… View Post

I’ve never been a morning person. Just ask my mum, she’ll back me up. As a teenager my dad was banned from speaking to me for at least half an hour after I woke up. His cheery banter was the last thing I needed first thing! Occasionally he’d give it another go, to see if I’d mellowed, only to receive a withering look from mum and probably a slammed door from me (stroppy mare that I was). I love my bed, at all times of the day. Nothing better than a sneaky afternoon nap tucked up in bed, although these… View Post