Top Tips To Keep Kids Safe In The Sun

As a mother to two very pale skinned, blond hair, blue eyed boys I worry once the sun comes out.  I love being in the sun and the boys love playing outside but they burn easily and making sure they are safe in the sun is my top priority.

Here are my top tips for keeping kids safe in the sun.

  • In the words of Baz Luhman Wear Sunscreen – my boys are always covered in it.  They are so used to being slathered in sun cream that there isn’t even the hint of a moan when it’s time to apply.  I love the one application creams that can be put on once at the start of the day but I always keep a handy pocket size bottle in my handbag for any reapplications or to help out a parent who may have left their cream at home (Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!) Remember to make sure to apply before you go out in the sun so it has time to take effect.
  • Clothing is key – We’re huge fans of UV swimwear in our house and it’s so reassuring knowing my boys are covered up safely when they are playing in and out of water.  Sunuva has a fantastic range of UPF50+ swimwear which is colorful, stylish and also practical.  Swim shorts come in a wide variety of styles and prints whilst giving protection from the heat but they also stock a fabulous range of rash vests so their top halves are also well covered. A fantastic way to keep your kids safe in the sun.
  • Hats – especially ones that provide neck coverage at the back.  I always find the back of my boys necks is usually the first part of their body to catch the sun and a hat is an essential for playing outside, but I also look for something that will give that little extra coverage too.
  • Water – when you have football crazy kids, or any sort of kids, they love playing in the sun.  They’re not so keen on sitting and chilling in the sun, they want to be on the go, and it’s so important to make sure they are hydrated.  Big water bottles at the ready, and ice creams or ice lollies are always a winner when helping to keep cool.
  • Look for the shade – Keep an eye out for the shady spots to keep your children out of the direct sun.  Whether it’s for lunch or snack time, or just a 10 minute time out, look for somewhere slightly cooler to keep your kids out of the sun.  This is especially important in the middle of the day (between 11am and 3pm) when the sun is at its hottest.
  • Don’t forget the sunglasses – you wouldn’t want to be out in the sun without yours, your kids are the same.  

There is so much fun to be had in the summer months and long days playing in the garden or playing by the pool on holiday are where lifelong memories are made, but you want to make sure they are happy memories where everyone stayed safe in the sun.

What would be your top tips for keeping safe in the hot weather?

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Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with Sunuva.


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