Journey to The Jurassic Coast

What a beautiful bank holiday weekend it has been.  When the sun is shining the UK is a wonderful place to explore and as we are often creatures of habit we have spent the past couple of days in one of our favourite spots in Wales.  I love that it now feels like a home away from home as we spent several years staying in my mums caravan in Pwllheli.

One part of the country I am itching to return to is the South West.  Largely because I have such fond memories of holidaying in Devon as a child and not just because I want to share those memories with my own boys but because I think it’s a beautiful part of the country.

On the long car journeys from Warrington to East Devon my parents would stop off for the day in Bath to break up the drive.  It was always one of the highlights of my holiday. We would potter around the shops, admire the Roman baths, have a drink at a cafe overlooking the cathedral.  Little things that made such lovely memories.

We also had a tradition of visiting Honiton on our journey to the little fishing village Beer, where we would normally stay.  A ritual that became a long running joke in our family that we would drive for hours to walk down one side of the high street to cross over, walk back down the opposite side before getting back in our car.  As teenagers my brother and I would moan about being made to do it but our holiday wouldn’t have been the same without the annual visit to Honiton and its pottery shop.

For several years now I have been nagging my husband that we need to make the trip with our boys but the hours in the car is putting him off.  For me I think the key is breaking up the journey and making the travelling an adventure on its own.  One city I have always wanted to visit is Bristol and I think I could easily work this into our schedule.  As it is a city I haven’t visited before I would be on the lookout for Groupon’s deals on family friendly activities, for inspiration and for great prices.

With something fun planned to break up the day I think I may stand a better chance at convincing my other half that the journey to the Jurassic Coast is worth it, and I look forward to sharing my childhood memories with my little family.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Photo credit Larisa Mamonova


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