Have You Just Given Birth? This Is How You Should Juggle Work and Motherhood

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For working mothers, having a baby marks the beginning of a tough balancing act. There are days when you’ll get the impression that your body is being stretched in different directions. Oftentimes, giving birth paves the way for sleep-deprived nights, yet you’re still expected to hold it all together at home. 

In your quest to strike a balance between work and motherhood, there are instances when you might be running on an empty stomach. This period is often a haven for guilt and feelings of exhaustion and stress. While the maternity leave might be drawing to a close, you’re likely to run the risk of not having figured out childcare arrangements. 

These struggles are just a tip of the iceberg. When it’s time to show up for work from a maternity leave, many new moms are torn between their seemingly diverging roles. 

Much as you value helping people with decorating ideas for renters, you’ll likely be tormented by the thought of leaving your precious baby behind. This happens, especially at a time when the baby is so tiny and needy. But bills have to be paid, right?    

However, not all is lost as you embark on the path of balancing your career needs and motherhood. This is how you should go about it. 

Honor your instinct

If you cannot afford to do away with your career, this is a beautiful thing because you will derive motivation from it. Since work might be helping you to cater for your financial needs, always embrace the fact that you’re doing what is best for your family. 

Do not be bothered by the negative and creepy thoughts that may creep in. Instead, you should be more concerned with all the beautiful things your family will derive from your career.

Be present 

The key to overcoming this struggle is to do one thing at a time. If you’re at home, be at home. The moment you set your foot home, be there for your kid and spend as much time as you can. 

Other than making your kid happy, you’ll be happy as well because you’re making use of every minute at your disposal. 

Do not take work home

When you leave your workplace, you should set intentions for the evening. This way, you will desist from the habit of carrying work home. After a long day’s work, you should be looking forward to spending time with your family. 

Find a nanny you love 

While this is a very personal choice, you’ll be left with no option but to enlist the services of a nanny. However, the nanny of your choice must be someone you trust and love. After all, it’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that you’ve left your child in a safe pair of hands.  

There is nothing as soothing than knowing that your child is with someone who will give them undivided attention. 

Be it as it may, life must move even after you give birth. If you’re a career woman, you must have the mental strength to embrace the tough balancing act that lay ahead. But with vigor and determination, you will come out of this situation unscathed. 


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