Can The Right Living Space Keep Your Family Happy?

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Design by committee is always hard. And never more so than when it comes to designing a modern space which is suitable for the needs of the whole family – your living space. From being a racetrack for toy cars or a space for older children to do homework to hosting movie nights and welcoming friends, our living rooms are hard working – and that is something which great design can really help us to achieve. 

Create A Play Area

When you have kids, their toys will migrate to the living space no matter what you do, so embrace the idea and make it an integral part of the planning. Create a play area with a soft, tactile rug and some clever storage solutions – these can also do double duty. If you contain the mess by keeping a select few toys downstairs, little ones will be entertained and you’ll have a clearer space. Furniture with concealed storage is a great idea for being able to quickly turn the space back into a more sophisticated, adults-only space when the kids have gone to bed. 

Work In Technology 

Love it or hate it, technology is a fact of modern life, so clever family living spaces are those designed with it in mind. From the position of your TV installation, to including enough power points to keep everyone’s gadgets charged, ensure that your home is technologically enabled but also that tech doesn’t dominate too much – arranging a shelving unit around a television so it doesn’t become the focal point the space so much, or hiding away tech paraphernalia in chic storage baskets can help. 

Go For Durable Surfaces 

Wear and tear is a fact of family life, so choose durable finishes which can stand up to all the action. Stain resistant fabrics on sofas or washable throws which can be bundled straight into the washing machine can be both practical and stylish, while natural materials like quartz and limestone for flooring and tiles still look good over time and don’t mark easily. Wipeable paint finishes can help to guard against sticky handprints, while treated leather is wipe clean and deeply stylish as well! 

Go For A Social Space 

Time together is precious, so make sure that when you design your living space, you have togetherness in mind. The design of a room can really encourage us to stop and chat. If your space is open plan, try zoning it using low level seating. Make sure there’s enough space to comfortably accommodate extra guests and give everyone a comfy place to sit. If you have an island unit consider adding stools so that people can sit and talk while someone prepares food – it makes the whole experience much more sociable. Consider furniture such as an upholstered ottoman which can be used as extra seating or with a tray as an informal coffee table – pieces which do double duty are a great investment! 

With a little thought, some forward planning and some consideration of the various ways in which your family is going to use the space, you can create a space which meets everyone’s needs and is both functional and stylish. 


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    hi, thanks a lot for sharing your excellent idea. it’s really help us to make some more space and make our house much better.

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