4 Great Ways to Keep Your Family Entertained During Lockdown

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If you’re affected by a coronavirus lockdown or quarantine, you may have spent several weeks at home already. However, you may have several weeks more when you’re not able to go out and enjoy the things that you usually would. 

For you, this may mean an opportunity for home improvements or a deep clean. However, the lockdown means no days out with the kids, no eating out, no cinema trips, and so much more. 

If you’ve got kids, they’ll no doubt be getting restless around now. 

You may have played all of the games you’ve got, and got bored with being sat inside already. 

So, how can you keep yourself and your whole family amused during this lockdown?

Here are four suggestions for ways that you can keep your family entertained during the lockdown. 

Create an Outdoor Cinema

If you can’t take your kids to the cinema, why not take the cinema to the kids?

If you’ve been enjoying beautiful weather while you’re couped up inside, why not create a cinema in the garden and enjoy backyard movies?

You’ll need a screen or projector that you can set up in the garden. Find the right place to set it up where it won’t get light reflecting onto it. 

If you have beanbags, these will make the ideal seating area. 

Then, all you’ll need is the popcorn and snacks. 

Have a Scavenger Hunt

If you have more than one child, you could set them a scavenger hunt challenge. 

Create a list of different things that they’ll need to find around the home. You may suggest something like: 

  • Three blue items
  • The ugliest hat you can find
  • A glove

Come up with plenty of different suggestions, and as your kids bring them back to you, score them points based on who is the quickest. 

Don’t forget to have a medal giving ceremony at the end of the event. 

Write to People

If your children have never written a letter, now is an excellent chance for them to learn the joy of sending and receiving letters. 

Ask them to write letters to friends and family members. If their letters, get them to encourage their friends to write back. 

If they can’t see their friends during the lockdown, being penpals will connect them in ways that digital technology doesn’t.

Grow Your Own Veg

Creating a vegetable patch in your garden will give your children something to focus on. Plant seeds together in trays on your windowsill. Have your children water the plants every day and look for the seeds germinating. 

They’ll learn to understand more about how plants grow and where vegetables come from. 

Once the plants are ready, help your kids rehome them in the garden. Then, later in the year after they have cared for them for a couple of months, help them harvest the vegetables and fruit. 

If you can keep your children motivated and interested during the lockdown, the time will fly by. You and your children will bond more, and they will learn new skills and enjoy new experiences. 


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