Date Night

I met my husband six weeks after my sixteenth birthday.  On Christmas Eve we will be celebrating twenty one years since our first meeting outside our local pub.  For over fifteen years it was just the two of us, and more date nights than I could even begin to count.

During my pregnancy with O I was adamant that a baby wouldn’t stop us having some couple time (I know, I know, another one of those things that you think before actually having a baby).  As it turns out when he arrived I wasn’t so keen on being separated from my baby boy, and there weren’t too many times when it was just the two of us.  In some ways it was easier to simply take him with us, our little gang of three.

As O got older his grandparents began to ask if he could have a sleepover with them, something he absolutely loves.  Date nights started to become a regular thing again, we began to take for granted being able to have some couple time whenever we wanted.  We even managed a three day mini cruise last October, just the two of us.

And then G came along, and in the first crazy few weeks with a newborn the idea of heading out on a date is the furthest thing from your mind.  Getting through the day remembering to eat is a big achievement.  Your tiny bundle needs you so much and G was a clingy newborn.  He spent the first few weeks of his life almost permanently attached to me.

It’s always hard to pinpoint exactly when it happens but it gradually starts to get easier.  The baby will play more on their mat, will sit in the swing without screaming to be picked up and you find some time to slap a bit of make up on.

It’s quite hard getting used to being a Mummy of two, there isn’t much me-time or time to be a couple.  My husbands work has been really busy lately meaning that by the time he does get home he’s tired, and I’m tired from looking after the boys.  Whilst I think we’re adapting quite well to our new foursome, there’s not much romance around.  A date night was very much needed.

Of course, any thought of being spontaneous with these things is ridiculous, the meal out was booked in with the grandparents over three weeks ago.  We chose a lovely restaurant only ten minutes away, and knowing that we were guaranteed an early wake up call from O the next morning we booked it for 6:30pm.

My father in law drove us in so that we could both enjoy a drink.  We ate gorgeous food.  We talked, and surprisingly not too much about the boys.  We drank cocktails (maybe one too many for me!).  And we were home for 9pm.

It wasn’t a wild night, we didn’t exactly paint the town red but it was just what we needed.  I had a reason to dress up and not be in my PJ’s my 7pm.  We had time to chat about something other than what was for dinner and who was going to pop to the supermarket.

I adore my little family of four, I love it when we are all together.  But it is nice to sometimes, for a few hours, to just be a couple again.


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  1. Jodie
    August 28, 2016 / 9:20 am

    I know exactly what you mean. We find it so hard to find time for a regular date night, and like you say, it’s never spontaneous and always booked way in advanced! But it’s always so lovely to have some time to yourselves to go out and just talk! xx

  2. August 28, 2016 / 6:32 pm

    I cannot remember the last time I had a date night, and I have two child free nights this week so I should take full advantage! Totally agree though, I think its important to have alone time every now and then xx
    Anna-Marie recently posted…SCHOOL PREPARATIONS | THE ORDINARY MOMENTSMy Profile

  3. mummyofboygirltwins
    August 28, 2016 / 7:10 pm

    How lovely – and it does take more effort but it worth it. Time alone is lovely and Hubby and I are getting more of this these days! xx
    mummyofboygirltwins recently posted…Letting them be their own superheroMy Profile

  4. August 28, 2016 / 8:21 pm

    Oh that sounds perfect! We had our first night as just the two of us for our wedding anniversary in April and much as I adore the children and part of me couldn’t wait to see them the next day, it was really special just to spend some time being John and Carie not just Mama and Daddy!
    cariemay recently posted…TwoMy Profile

  5. August 28, 2016 / 8:58 pm

    Like I said on your instagram I am very jealous of your night out, even if it wasn’t a crazy night, couple time is rather lovely and I bet you had a lovely time together. I haven’t managed to get round to expressing yet and our baby boy is still so rubbish with sleep, so as such I haven’t had a night away from him, let alone both of us. Hopefully e will be able to soon as I am craving some adult time. Glad you had a lovely night. xx

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