Are you a PMT sufferer? (Pre Me-Time Tension)

I recognise the signs well in advance. I start to get a bit grumpy, the patience starts to wear a bit thin, hubby starts to get “the look” more often than not and he gets very snappy answers to any of his questions. It’s that time, I’m suffering from PMT (pre me-time tension)! When I get like this I know perfectly well I’m due a bit of me-time to get my head back in gear. It doesn’t need to be much. A coffee and trashy mag for an hour or a wander round M&S (alone!). Yesterday I ended up in…

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Living Arrows 6/52

It seems it’s not just me that is longing for Spring to make an appearance. My little man loves being outside and as he only learnt to walk towards the end of last summer I can’t wait to see him running round the garden this year, and his daddy has bought the footie nets already!

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The Ordinary Moments – More Tea Mummy!

Little O doesn’t really have a sweet tooth. He doesn’t like chocolate, ice cream or jelly, but he is quite partial to a biscuit. Nothing too fancy, his favourite is a ginger nut, followed closely by a custard cream or a digestive. He loves nothing more than a quick break in play sat on the couch with a cup of milk and a biscuit (or cuckoo and bic bic, as he calls it), but there is a catch. I must have a cup of tea with him for dip dip. If he’s having a biscuit it must be dunked, it’s…

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Love The Little Things #6

Where has the past week gone, it seems to have flown by! This week’s little loves have been: Read Other than bedtime stories, I’ve not really read anything. The newspaper sat on the coffee table for 2 days without being touched. Looking forward to half term to catch up on some blog reading! Watched My little boy is a big fan of Tree Fu Tom and he’s getting the age where he’s starting to copy the moves Tom does “to turn the magic on” and it’s the cutest thing to watch. Heard My husband always jokes that I’m the last…

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Working Mums: give yourselves a break!

Everyone tells you how hard the first few months of being a mum will be. You know there will be sleepless nights, sore boobs, not knowing what the hell is going on and you survive in a haze of sleep deprivation. At some point without you even realising it starts to get a bit easier, you get a few more hours sleep, you learn to interpret the cries and you can manage a full cup of tea whilst your little monkey is happily bouncing around in a jumperoo. Then that day arrives, the return to work and the goalposts change…

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