Before having Little O I took a lot for granted. I thought I knew how my life would change when I had children but nothing quite prepares you for the change to pretty much every aspect of your life. Normal, everyday things I used to do without thinking are now considered a luxury and can honestly make my day. Here’s my luxury list, if I can get at least one of these a day I’m happy. Straightening my hair without a 2 year old hanging off my leg Straightening my hair, full stop! Watching any grown up television before 7pm… View Post

I prefer teaching older kids.  The vast majority of my timetable is made up of GCSE and A level classes and that suits me just fine, but I do teach a Year 7 class twice a week.  Whilst I love their enthusiasm and innocence at this age, I find the “Miss, I’ve lost my pen” and “Miss, I’ve come to the end of my page, should I turn over?” just a tad irritating. However, since having Little O I do find it fascinating when they talk about what they are allowed to do at this age, and what they’re not… View Post

One of the blogs I’ve recently found and really enjoyed reading is butwhymummywhy. In 2013 Morgana hosted a linky called “This Week I Love” which focused on the weeks highlights. With a slight revamp for the New Year, I promised myself this would become one of my regular link-ups. I love the idea of writing down what I’ve loved in the week as too soon it’s gone and the little details are forgotten Read Yesterday was Little O’s 2 year check up so for the first time in a long time we needed to get out his little red book.… View Post

Happy New Year to all my Facebook friends The News Feed reads and never ends They say 2013 hasn’t been my year I know, I’ve read every detail on here But 2014 is the year I get wed Buy a new house, or holiday in the Med You’ve told me this many times before I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s a bit of a bore I never want to see your evening meal On New Years Eve, that will remain the deal Enjoy your time with the people you see Tell them all your hopes, not Facebook, not… View Post