My Christmas Wish List

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and hubby asked me last week what would I like. Seeing as one year he bought me a bookmark with a light on (and thought he’d done pretty well), here are a few ideas: (starting top left) We both love coming home and putting on our “comfy pants” and these gorgeous PJ bottoms from Fat Face fit the bill entirely.  Perfect for lazy days in the Christmas hols. I’ve a bit of a thing for glasses, our cupboards are full of them.  But my bloke is a dropper so we have a lot of…

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The Truth About Children’s Parties!

On Saturday we hosted our very first children’s party as my little boy turned 2. It was one of the most nerve wracking events of my life so far, far more than when I got married. You generally know what to expect at a wedding and adults will usually behave in a reasonable manner. Kids parties were an unknown quantity. Well, we survived and I’m thinking of making myself a badge to wear with pride, “I’ve survived a Children’s party!” So after the past manic week this is what I’ve learnt about children’s parties: 1. Bouncy castles are worth their…

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Is Teaching A Family Friendly Career?

When I first told my mum I was applying for teacher training, her response was “a great job for a woman”. Okay, slightly sexist but I see her point. 13 weeks holiday a year, and you work half 8 til half 3, don’t you? It’s a no brainer! Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are fantastic and as soon as Mr Gove starts to take those away I will be looking at alternative careers, but how family friendly is this job during term time? I have pretty much come to terms that I will miss assemblies and sports days that…

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How My Boy Came Into The World

Today my little man has turned 2! For that reason, it seems today would be the right time to share how my gorgeous boy came into the world. He didn’t make it easy! Baby O’s birth story really starts 5 days before he was born (8 days before my due date) at what I thought was going to be a routine midwife appointment. My regular midwife couldn’t fit me in so had made me an appointment at another clinic, with a lady who I had seen when my midwife was on holiday. She went through the regular checks and then…

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No Reason To Worry

As Baby O approaches his 2nd birthday on Tuesday I can’t help but think back to the journey we’ve been on together the past couple of years. He never fails to amaze me and as he grows into an independent (and very stubborn) little man I still can’t quite believe he’s mine! On this day 2 years ago I had just been admitted into hospital to be induced as the consultant was concerned that Baby O was not developing any more inside of me and they wanted him out. So it was with a mixture of excitement and nervousness that…

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