The Ordinary Moments #3

I love to watch my son sleep. Now that’s he’s a fully fledged toddler he’s more often than not on the go, playing with his cars, helicopters and balloons or just dancing away to Miley Cyrus ( he made me play We Can’t Stop 5 times on repeat yesterday, and sulked when I refused to play it a 6th time). I’m well aware that at some point in the next 12 months his afternoon nap times may become a thing of the past so I’m treasuring these moments while we still have them. Little O loves his kip and like…

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You know you’re a Maths teacher when …

1. You’re out with friends and you automatically get the bill at the end of the night to work out how much everyone owes (and they spend the next 2 years taking the piss if you make a mistake!) 2. People insist on telling you how well their young kids can count at any opportunity. It’s lovely to hear, but when I’m off duty I’m not that interested, sorry! 3. You tell people what you do and their reaction is “I hated Maths at school!” Fair enough, I have my moments when I’m not too keen on it myself. 4.…

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Those Three Special Words!

Little O is a bit of a chatterbox. What he says isn’t always the clearest or makes the most sense but he gives it a go and generally I understand what he’s saying, and those around us have learnt his language too. I have to admit I’ll be a bit sad when he learns the proper words for some things as his version of them always makes me smile. A few of my favourites are: “Uh oh” which means dog (we have 2!) So funny when he’s telling them off, “no no uh oh!” “Inky” means water. I think this…

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Who Do You Want Teaching Your Kids?

When I first started this blog, it was primarily to be a way to record my boys early years, and whilst I figured my job would creep into it from time to time it’s starting to become a bit of a regular fixture on here. I’ve already blogged today but after seeing this advert tonight I couldn’t not respond! I am a Maths teacher. I studied Maths at GCSE and A-level. Okay, I did an Economics degree, but within that was a high Maths content. I went on to do my secondary Maths PGCE and have been working as a…

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Supergran To The Rescue!

I have fond memories of feeding the ducks as a child. I used to go with my grandad to Bents. (local garden centre) for lunch and we would ask at the cafe for the loaf ends that weren’t used to make sandwiches and feed them to the ducks at the on site pond. So whilst today was a crisp autumnal day it seemed the perfect time to take my little man to feed the ducks. We wrapped up warm and headed off to a local park. We walked hand in hand, kicking the leaves and made our way to where…

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