Our First Rugbytots Lesson

Little O is obsessed with balls! And balloons! We have far too many toys scattered around the house but he will choose a balloon or ball over all of them. As soon as his daddy gets in from work he races over with a balloon to play kick or catch. So when a friend told me her little boy went to a class called Rugbytots, it seemed perfect for O. The classes start from aged 2, and as his Christmas present we booked him in for a block of sessions. Usually hubby isn’t really that keen on attending any baby/toddler…

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Love The Little Things #3

I’ve got to admit this hasn’t been a great week. Hubby has been working away or very long hours so it feels like I’ve barely seen him and Little O has been unwell too, so all in all a pretty shit week. But that’s why I love this Linky because it is going to make me focus on the good things of the week. Read Whilst working, running the house on my own and looking after a poorly boy I’ve barely had the time to read anything this week but one thing I did read was a very beautiful blog…

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Sometimes Being A Working Mum Is Crap!

When I was pregnant with O I always pictured myself going back to work. I honestly thought after 10 months at home I’d be ready to go back. What I didn’t account for was quite how much I’d love the whole mummy thing. I loved the baby classes and meeting up with friends and being the main carer for my little boy. I returned to work a week before the summer holidays and it was actually quite fun. It was our schools activity week and as I’d not been there most of the year, no one had thought to really…

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Things I Want My Son To Know

Over the past few weeks I’ve read several blog posts from parents of young girls. Parents who are understandably worried about what the future holds and the perception females have of themselves growing up in our world. As the mum to a gorgeous 2 year old boy, I also worry on how he will grow up, and the world he will inherit. Little O this is what I want you to know: Women are beautiful! We come in all shapes and sizes and are fabulous and you’d better remember that. The airbrushed images you encounter on the front of FHM…

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Love The Little Things #2

Back to reality this week as the Christmas break is well and truly over.  On the plus side, here are a few of the things I have been up to this week. Read I used to love reading a good book, but really struggling to find the time at the minute. What I have read this week is my little boys Welcome To The Toddler Room guide. He’s just started his initial visits this week so feeling a bit emotional that he’s going into the big kids room. I’m sure the new staff will be lovely but the ones in his tweenie…

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